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February 22, 2018

Audible sigh

Is there anything worse (outside that which is far worse) than being afflicted by a sense of “disenchantment”? There isn’t. Disenchantment has potential (if you let it) to suck the oxygen out of your blood.

To understand why disenchantment is the pits for me, do look no further than Ramana’s last comment: “If I remember right, many moons ago, I called you an effervescent person during one of our very intense exchanges. I still think of you as one.” That’s me. Effervescent. It comes natural. Until I come across some fuckers whose mission in life to dampen ardour, to extinguish fire, to stamp out passion, to trample over rhyme, to spit on reason, to prove themselves the arseholes my father taught me, and my son implores me, to avoid.

Since when do I learn but the hard way? Thousands of years and their history  may have gone before my mother didn’t abort me yet here I am trusting in the good of the world. And quite justifiably so. To pull a figure out of my magic hat I’d say 91 % of people are good (defined by their own demographic). And then there are the bigots. The know it all. The ones pointing fingers. Go and chop some wood instead. You might lose a finger for the greater good.

I am warming to the theme. No greater arsehole will you meet than the one who advocates chopping someone’s hand off for stealing a pot of fois gras (not because of the stealing, but because it’s the last jar that he himself had set his eyes on) .

Mustn’t lose my thread. Disenchantment. Yes, it’s mine. In the blogging world. Never mind. May the self righteous gorge on their blandness, their blinkers, their shutting down shutters before closing time. Tragedy being that despite their excesses they are unlikely to be sick.

I am not talking about my blog and its readers. My readers’ comments, intelligent, challenging, willing, open, thoughtful, witty, wistful, make my blog disenchantment free. If you can be judged by the company you keep I’d say I am most fortunate.

Venturing out in the big wide world of some bloggers so closed off they don’t know when they lock horns with their own horizon? I do so, joyfully, at both my peril and enjoyment. On my head disenchantment be.



February 12, 2018

Easy does it

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To latch onto one of many subjects on my mind, an uncontroversial one: How can I shoehorn, nay weave, the word “effervescence” into my musings? Inconspicuously.

There are words so rarely used as there are nuggets of gold in a sieve of grit.

Effervescent greetings,



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One of many, and fascinating me, protestations by others goes like this:

“But, but, but,  I have never … (heard/seen/don’t know anyone who …)”. And that’s the end of it. Because they don’t know something, haven’t seen, heard or eaten it or indeed, and weighing in heavily, don’t know anyone who does and has, it can’t be possible. It doesn’t exist.

That attitude is endearing. In a child.


February 11, 2018


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For years and years and years I haven’t read my HORROR scope. Today one ambushed me: “Learn from observation, REVIEW what and who you regard as essential. An edit is long overdue.”  How timely.




February 2, 2018


Don’t say it’s not an original question. I say so myself. It isn’t. Yet, it only occurred to me just now – for the first time.

Why do world leaders – by which I mean prime ministers, presidents, monarchs, even Angela Merkel though not Putin – have their assorted spouses in tow when on business? Cue photo shoot. In few other jobs would you expect to give up all else, trudge around the world in your spouse’s shadow and be under public scrutiny? Or would you?

You tell me.


January 31, 2018


On the whole I don’t believe it despite all evidence to the contrary. Namely that people need an “incentive”. By which I don’t just mean salesmen given a carrot so they wield their stick and charms making people buy.

I just do what needs to be done. Or (see my last post) wrestle with good intentions. And wait for both Ramana and the Angel (age before beauty) to weigh in and remind me of Karma.

Never mind. Karma is in the future. I am in the now. As one of the few people who amuses me no end is myself I am most amused. I am so happy I could kiss you. Why – apart from, maybe, you being kissable and my being happy? Bear with me.

The last few days’ fallout on various blogs have more than one benefit. Not only will I employ the last morsels of time left to me on this mortal coil in ways more conducive to everyone’s, not least my own, happiness by ditching certain bloggers. I won’t have to endure any longer, and it’s only just come to me, one commentator’s (she doesn’t blog any longer herself though is vocal in comment boxes) endless “LOL”s. To her life is just one (desperate) long loud laugh in absence of being more specific and articulate. If that isn’t an incentive for me to stop latching onto certain blogs and their comment boxes I don’t know what is. May she roll in the aisles.

LOL – Lots of love,


January 30, 2018

Doing and stalling

Why is it that even a “doer” (someone who gets things done) stalls on occasion?

Remember, the French can’t pronounce aitch (“h”) so if you book a room you book it in an otel. Which is why I love French because instead of saying “I hate” (the drama of it) you find yourself saying “I ate it, I ate it, I ate it!” May indigestion be ours.

And that is, so I believe, where the crux lies. You stall because you, maybe not so much as “ate” it, but you sure don’t want to eat it. Which, neatly, brings us to one of my pet subjects, no not pet “ates” – just an inconvenience, namely self sabotage.

Why oh why oh why, wise ones?


January 29, 2018


I received an email (from a long time blogging acquaintance) telling me how judgmental I am. If that’s how I come across that’s something for me to reflect on. Not least reflect on whether it is a bad thing to “judge” considering that our survival instinct guides us on how to “judge” a situation, a person, and then figure out how we can outwit the hungry tiger staring us in the face. She further devalues her comment by proceeding to not only “shake her head” at one of my previous (private, but played out on my blog) follies. Don’t let a thief tell me not to thieve.

The term “judgmental” is an overused one. It is, usually, a lazy way of expressing displeasure at me daring to dangle a question mark. It’s an even lazier way of not addressing an issue. To illustrate: I say something which you find overcritical. Whether it is or isn’t is immaterial – as long as you find it so, it is. So far so not particularly fair. Whatever. But please do not turn around and point a finger at me whilst doing what you just told me not to do.

There is a marvellous saying (one of many) in the motherland, loosely translated: Touch your own nose  before pointing out the kink in someone else’s.



December 31, 2017


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I haven’t yet done all the quizzes newspapers bombard us with at the end of year; neither have I looked at compilations of “Best of 2017”, yet. I’ll keep that till a time when I should be doing something else. Which brings us, neatly, tidily, annoyingly, to New Year’s resolutions and how to divest ourselves from old, and form new habits.

Needless to say that I don’t make NY resolutions because I tend to avoid setting myself up for failure. I’d rather decide on February, 30th, what needs to be tweaked. Why make resolutions for the “better”? We’d all be far more successful at keeping resolutions if they appealed to the worse in us.

In which spirit I wish you a 2018 to top all 2018s – may you come out the other end as you entered it … with hope in your heart.



December 20, 2017

Non sequitur

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Just came across a quote on someone’s blog. “Good things will come to good people”. That is such utter tosh, belied by all evidence, I don’t know what to do with myself.

I wish people would think before they regurgitate that which sounds good at first sound, and is rubbish on reflection.


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