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March 23, 2010

Fear of falling

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new york construction 1950s


I stole the above photo from an other’s blog. I believe those two guys are construction workers in New York (ca 1950) taking a lunch break.

That photo is a fine example of mind over soma (body). I feel sick. Ready to throw up. Giddy. Wish I had never seen it. Seriously. I look at it, my stomach starts to churn. I am not even bloody sitting up there myself. Vertigo. Good title – if Hitchcock were still around and cast me I’d be more convincing than Grace Kelly in “Birds”.





  1. Go here:

    There is a whole series of pics from the 1930’s taken high above Manhattan of workers eating, “sleeping”, driving golf balls and other things on beams.

    I love the myth that Mohawks of the Iroquois nation have no fear of heights…. it’s not actually completely true… I might just do a post on this myself.

    Rather them than me!

    Comment by Magpie11 — March 23, 2010 @ 18:22 | Reply

    • Thanks for the link, Magpie. I now feel even more nauseous.

      That shot does stretch credibility to breaking point: Why would anyone take such a risk?

      I am not entirely convinced that the photo is for real. I know, from experience, to what lengths the press and professional photographers will go to achieve a “true” shot.

      Tricks of the trade: A photographer friend of my parents needed a picture of a frightened little girl to accompany the magazine’s story about the effect of violence on children watching TV (this was in the 60s). What did my father do? Sit my unsuspecting self down, joke around with me and suddenly blow a whole lungful of cigarette smoke into my face. The photographer clicked away in quick succession. They got what they wanted and the published photo was great for the purpose: My eyes were huge with fright (in truth: shock) and, as a defense reflex, my hands had risen up to my slightly opened mouth. Let’s leave aside that it is questionable whether a seven or eight year old child should be subjected to such treatment; it was one of a number of shoots during which I learnt, early in my life, how illusions are created.

      I won’t go into the deceptions of televison or cinema.

      And now that we have ‘Photoshop’ one of my friends has given me purple hair.


      Comment by bitchontheblog — March 24, 2010 @ 03:25 | Reply

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