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July 4, 2010


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Where am I? On my bloody knees, that’s where.

Not as much fun as when I fell off my bike decades ago. I was cycling hands off handlebar when my front tyre hit an unexpected and massive stone on the road home. Oh the drama of it! Talk about the bleeding wounded limping home – I am talking kilometers here, not just round the corner.  At least in those days one was rewarded with a massive scab to pick at to keep the wound going (For the dense: Whilst a true storyI am metaphorically speaking within the confines of this posting. And no, I do NOT pick any longer).

Given my current headache I am in awe of myself. Except I am one of those exceptional females who never ever have a headache. Though had three migraines in my life the pain of which sent me through the roof. One good thing to be said for migraines is that they blot out anything else.

As to the bliss of domesticity: More shit. After much deliberation in wake of him being diagnosed with skin cancer decided, yesterday, to have cat put down. What do I mean ‘decided’? There was no choice. God, I hate death, particularly those of others. I held him whilst the vet put in the lethal dose. It’s over in no time. Then the vet asks me “What do you want to do with the body?” Never thought of it. What would I want to do with a body? Throw it in the bin? They charge you a lot of money to cremate a cat. So I paid. Why don’t they give you option of donating  ‘the body’ to vets training to be vets? In the olden days (say 150 years ago) aspiring doctors snatched (human) bodies from their graves in order to learn their craft. As recycling goes I am rather disappointed that both cats, within a year of each other, have contributed to emission and foot print by going up in hot air.

Please do NOT send condolences since I have adminstered those already.

Secondly, and this is a wrench,  son is going off to the motherland later today – ON HIS OWN . Dear god in heaven. Told him in no uncertain terms that whatever he does all I care for is to have him back in one piece. Also bought him new toothbrush. Mustn’t let standards slip considering where he is going. I’d never live it down.

Other than that I am still in boxes. Son frantic that I won’t get act together in the little time available.  To get him out of my hair last night encouraged him to go clubbing with his friends rather than supervising my every plate /book going into a box. He and his friends arrived back at about four in the morning finding me, well, packing.

I know some of you don’t like me being nebulous. Can’t promise that I’ll be able to psyche myself up to be more concrete as to the real problem I am facing this minute and in weeks to come.


PS Fabulous post on letters, Magpie. Will write more on both your and Ashok’s ideas when I can focus again – on letters. And will respond with many “letters” to comments left to me recently. Just bear with me. In the meantime looking forward to unconditional support whenever I peer into either my inbox or blog comments. Mwah.



  1. Your son was diagnosed with skin cancer? I thought the sun didn’t shine in England.

    You did the right thing by your cat. I told my friend, after she’d paid a lot of vet bills, to throw away that cat & get a new one. She didn’t buy that. She said that I wouldn’t throw away Kendall (my son) when he got sick.
    I’d think that after paying the price for your cat’s cremation, next would be a funeral.

    Kendall’s best friend now lives in Hollywood, California. He says that people there spend thousands to keep an old pet alive, when it’ll died anyway.

    Comment by bikehikebabe — July 4, 2010 @ 18:41 | Reply

    • No, not my son – far too young to develop skin cancer.

      If anything serious happened to Apple of my Eye you’d be unlikely to hear from me again. And the sun does shine in England, contrary to prejudice.

      My son is a blond blond. He is your Viking reincarnated – long locks, way beyond his shoulders, blue eyes. Gorgeous. Hitler would have loved him and had him impregnating as many Arian women as possible.

      Yes, skin cancer: The other day son and his friends overnighted on beach – meaning they got up at about 11 am. When he returned he was most becomingly tanned (make that sunburnt), except that he had slept on one side of his face only. I shouldn’t have laughed.

      As to the cat: At nine years old he had a good inning. Bouncer had ailed ever since his mother died last year. I know it’s stupid to transpose human values onto animals and clearly the onset of his tumours at the time of her death was coincidental. Yet from being “Fatty boy” as son called him he fell from 8 kg to 3.5 – he became a skeleton. One of the reasons I have become more aware of bones. People – as you say – keeping their pets alive even at the cost of an animal suffering are just plain selfish. Some problems in life you can throw money at, others you’ll just have to accept.


      Comment by bitchontheblog — July 4, 2010 @ 19:52 | Reply

  2. Oh, very well explained.
    Now I’ve got a permanent image of “apple of your eye”. 🙂 Couldn’t be better.

    Comment by bikehikebabe — July 4, 2010 @ 20:01 | Reply

  3. Sorry about your cat Ursula, really I am, although I know you don’t want condolences. My kids are back to school today and although they’ll be in for their lunch in a couple of minutes, I’m missing them a lot right now. Hope your son has a nice time back home. He sounds lovely…

    Comment by gaelikaa — July 5, 2010 @ 08:11 | Reply

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