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January 13, 2011


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Brief update:

Despite your assurances and my total and utter character defect of not knowing when to give up I can now confirm that red Bambi has gone to the big wide heaven where all staplers meet their forestaplers. On the upside I have found pages 489 to 490 of my Paperback Oxford English which will now allow me to look up and use words like monocolyledon, mop, mood and mother country. Mountain ash being a rowan tree.

Magpie being a continuing source of disappointment to me denies all promises he made to translate wisdom of Graf Herr von und zu Klutter, Monsigneur de Clutteur – the most noble of many a ghost in the loft. As I neither have a loft nor a cellar (not even a broom cupboard) I have now turned into my father’s daughter and am so organised, sorted and recylced I have just started tackling the last bastion of anyone staring their last will and testament in the face: Old letters and photographs. Oh dear. Phoned my mother this afternoon, inquiring whether it really was necessary to send THREE congratulatory cards on occasion of arrival of her grandson no.  3 (Apple of my Eye). Her being in grip of acute tooth ache I was not able to extract coherent answer. Did you know (how would you) that my maternal grandmother was one of the first female dentists in this country? Oddly, and my four year old self was baffled by this, when that ghastly drill went the way of her own mouth she immediately needed to go to the loo. It was my first introduction into the – to me – fascinating subject of how soma (body) and psyche connect and use each other to express mal content.




  1. I hereby apologise for any disappointment I may have caused. If you can find any form of Guarantee not to disappoint then you’re a darn site cleverer than I am. Please,dear Little Bear, a reminder of all promises made (in quadruplicate of course) will be gratefully received, as would copies of any guarantees issued by me or any one purporting to be my agent.

    monocotyledon: Pertains to the number of seed leaves in the seeds of about 80 families of angiosperm plants including the grasses, lilies, palms, orchids, bananas and Yams. Fascinating stuff this. I used to love reading about the classification of plants( books by Hutchinson and others)

    I’m sorry to hear about the demise of Red Bambi. I will inform Green Bambi, always assuming that he himself has not disappeared in his turn.

    Comment by Magpie 11 — January 13, 2011 @ 20:25 | Reply

    • That’s alright, Magpie, in my book loyalty weighs in heavier than promises.

      I had occasion, recently, to ponder and explain the nature of “a promise”. A promise can only ever be a declaration of intent, never a cast iron guarantee. Try and explain that to someone who thinks you have “broken” a promise. If it were that easy to keep a promise then there wouldn’t be divorces for starters, would there? Neither would the stage in Stratford-upon-Avon be bloodsoaked.

      Am touched how ‘nature’ appears to speak to you. One of the reasons I loved going on walks with my grandfather. There wasn’t a tree or a bird he couldn’t name (on sight, on sound). I remember a n ot so good New Year’s Day some fifteen years or so ago. Alas my grandfather then six foot under. And there he was close to the Dorset Coastal path, a chirpy little Robin, on a fence post not more than a metre away from me. “Cheer up” he sang. And I did. And to this day, come winter, I always have one 3D paper robin on my desk, one porcelain one on the window sill in my kitchen. Never failing to make me smile and feel happy and at home.

      Great. Have managed to move myself to tears. That’s memories for you.


      Comment by bitchontheblog — January 13, 2011 @ 21:10 | Reply

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