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January 16, 2011


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Oh joy. Ramana is back – he even “offers an apology”. Why not just apologize, Ramana? You might see it as just so much semantics; it isn’t. Anyway, hardly matters: Manners maketh the man. Yours have let you down big time. So you may sit and stew in an apology which you don’t even mean. “ONE reader” – don’t be so coy, Ramana: I do have a name. It’s Ursula, remember?

You may edit as much as you like – the original meaning shines through: Loud, clear and shouting.

That paragraph of yours in “Trial and Retribution II” is something else: Oh, Ramana, did no one ever teach you to think first and answer second? Bit late in the day now, but try it some time. Here goes the mighty Ramana: “I understand that there is real aversion to the quip on rape. Fair enough. In the rough and tumble crowd that I orbit in, this quip is unlikely to raise any flak, as it will be perceived to be what it is – an analogy – a form of reasoning in which one thing is inferred to be similar to another thing in a certain respect, on the basis of the known similarity between the things in other respects. Obviously, it offends others, more sensitive to the word/process etc. I also realize that it is not politically correct among some of my readers, to make such jokes .” Ramana, you “understand” nothing. What’s” fair” about it? Such an empty no-hoper of an expression. Then you try a Conrad – all intellectual, alas in your case scrambled, undecipherable verbal garbage : “An analogy”? For what? “A form of reasoning …” Dear god in heaven, Ramana. Still, recognition where it’s due: You do “realise that it’s not politically correct, …”. That is so generous of you, Ramana. “Politically correct”? Are you feeling ok? Since when does the disdainful use of the phrase “politically correct” come into the reasoning on violence and slaughter? I am all ear. If you live in an “orbit” that makes light of rape and its likes maybe you should consider moving back to civilization. Do not use your surroundings as an excuse to make questionable ‘jokes’. So most unbecoming someone your age. Please do refer back to Frankl for guidance.

Was charmed – and I mean it – by GM’s diplomatic answer. So there, Ramana, is a friend you haven’t lost. Someone who can square her conscience with her feelings for a friend. Count yourself lucky.




  1. You are the Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, Jay Leno (Not exactly Jay. He makes FUN of people.) How are nations going to get along when individuals don’t? Ramana writes differently from you. His posts are good, informative, funny. He does a service using this time & intellect (he’s well read) to pass it on to us. I see nothing wrong with that.

    Your writing style (& vocabulary) are great, unique, informative, funny too. Nobody can outdo your way of putting things. You are more innovative & clever than others. isn’t that enough? I love you. Don’t chase away your readers.

    Comment by bikehikebabe — January 16, 2011 @ 17:50 | Reply

  2. Oh, Bike Hike Babe, you are such a sweet kind soul. It’s early evening and I haven’t yet cried today. Your words nearly make me [cry]. Don’t worry. To me a little tearfulness is what to others is emptying their bladder on a regular basis. A necessity. As the poet (can’t remember which one) says of woman: “Ca pleure come ca pisse”. Well, it’s one way of putting it. Actually, just come back to me: It was Sartre; that bastard. And he was ugly. Good old de Beauvoir. That’s women for you: Who needs looks when you can sit across a beautiful intellect over dinner (as I keep reminding my mother – though admittedly my father is a looker on top of his pneumatic IQ). Having sworn off the full of holes state of matrimony many years ago, never to be snared again, I can barely imagine what you and Jean must be going through. Hope you swear by marriage like my mother does. But then she has a tendency towards sado-masochism. Some years ago my siblings and I had the most awful discussion on who of the two we hope will pop their socks first. Conclusion being that either left over would wilt very fast – so it hardly matters who precedes whom. When you are nineteen no one tells you about the laudnry and electricity bills. Then you hit middle age and thank your lucky stars (in my case) that my parents are barely older than I am. Though my father, the spring chicken, did dispute the ‘barely’ in a telephone conversation this afternoon. Bit late in the day to assert his authority. Good old Pa; who will test my patience and keep me entertained and annoyed as much as he does once he drops? I hate to admit it, but I’ll miss him. Badly.

    You say so kindly: “Don’t chase away your readers.” Trouble is, BHB, readers who take to the highway are of no interest to me. If you like someone you stick it out. Relationships are not about never ending sunshine and rainbows. How boring is that? We need conflict, disagreements. They stimulate the grey matter. And as long as we give each other good will, that most marvellous British concept of “the benefit of the doubt”, we can live through many disagreements and still love each other. Fair weather friends I don’t need. That’s what acquaintances are for – those nice cushion fillers of everyday hollow sweet nothings. It’s like with cats and I tried this with our own (RIP): Say to a cat something truly horrible in a soft voice. They will purr. It’s awful; makes you question your own humanity until you remember that you are talking to a cat. Then SHOUT something nice and the cat is out of that flap in the door faster than you can say ‘stupid’. By the way, the cats would have died, each in their own way, anyway; I did not help them on their way. And miss them dreadfully. Do NOT send kitten or a goose till I have a garden again.

    Anyway, back to humans. And your suggestion not to chase them away. I don’t do it on purpose. Either people stick like old gum or blue tack or they let that nail that holds up their picture on my wall drop to the floor; their choice, not mine. I am probably the most loyal, faithful, unstintingly there for a friend nuisance you could ever wish for. Phone me fourty years down the line: I’ll still remember your birthday and that you hated your mother’s lunch she served regularly on a Wednesday (so did I as a matter of fact; except I was hungry so I ate it, only to be served seconds – if that is not a lesson in life I don’t know what is). Basically, Cynthia, I am a wonderful person with a temper; now where is my axe?


    Comment by bitchontheblog — January 16, 2011 @ 19:00 | Reply

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