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March 17, 2011

Let live

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Conrad asked when “dying” (me, a post a day or so ago) what is a “no-no” over HERE and what isn’t.

It’s what I like about Conrad. He is CONsiderate. Well, dear Con, over here anything goes. I have no policy. It’s the number one reason I like my blog: The freedom. The exuberance. The Graffiti. The tears. Many a smile. Blue fog. Lost trains (of thought). A market place. Two for the price of none.

On Bitch on the Blog everything will be published. Everyone – including myself – is welcome to make laughing stock of themselves and me. Even WordPress, my facilitator, tags any old ecopress at bottom of my posts without asking me. I am all for recycling. Soon you might find funeral directors advertising their wares at bottom of my posts. And/or bottom of comments.

Unlike so many I do not have a “policy” as to CONduct (even the word ‘policy’ makes me splutter my coffee at the very thought). However, and not to make myself a freak, I do have principles. But they are mine. No one elses.

I dislike people laying down the law: One of the reasons I like CAPITALS. Ever since I read that CAPITALS are considered bad manners amounting to SHOUTING in emails, on blogs and their comment boxes I suffer that most unfortunate COMPULSION to do just that. Regardless. Even when mellow with nothing around worth shouting about. It’s why one should never tell anyone, or at least me, NOT to do something: It becomes irresistable. Reason why I  bought my son his first pair of Wellingtons (they were RED – children’s size 6 – he was only 11 months) BEFORE he hit his first puddle in the park.

So, Con, and by now you should know me well enough: Over here, at mine, you will always be safe, looked after. The only confines to conduct are those we ourselves are NOT prepared to take the consequences of. It sorts the ninnies from the squeamish.  So that’s my mission statement. Which reminds me, apropos of nothing, of that stupid saying that if you can’t stand the heat don’t waste space in the kitchen. Why stupid when a perfectly reasonable piece of nonsense? Because you might find yourself in a kitchen (mine), oven on, pots boiling with NOwhere to go (say, you locked yourself in – not as unlikely as it sounds).

A word of caution, even on this blog: Be careful not to mention anything to do with nuclear reactors. As much as I’d like to myself. That way others’ wrath and my troubles lie. Particularly since my address known. I don’t have a British passport however my survival instinct still intact, it’s probably better to keep mouth SHUT.  Hot tip of the day: Never be taken in by members of countries bowing to you;  a misguided attempt to be courteous. A firm handshake, offered freely, much more trustworthy.

Unrelated to above subject, Con, and David will appreciate this: When turning on laptop this morning, bleary eyed, I was hit  by some headline advising to leave BRITAIN IMMEDIATELY. My happiness at being given official permission evaporated faster than you can say “need new glasses”. On second glance it was Bahrain. That’s why it always pays to look twice before packing suitcase.

Kiss, Kiss,

U xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



  1. I’m trying to think of something outrageous to say, since nothing is off limits but…

    How’s that for ridiculous?

    Comment by bikehikebabe — March 17, 2011 @ 15:08 | Reply

    • BHN, that is BRILL! And you ARE. NEITHER ridiculous.

      BEAR MEGA bone crunching HUG,

      Comment by Ursula — March 17, 2011 @ 15:29 | Reply

      • BHN aka BHB, such a pity B has temerity to sit next to Qwerty’s “see what you get entirely random” keyboard beeping N. Am I responsible for what my fingers do?

        If you don’t know what I am talking about you need to step up intake of Vitamin B complex and take in more sun.


        Comment by Ursula — March 17, 2011 @ 15:38 | Reply

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