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April 20, 2011


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David, here is one for you and all mothers of more than one child.

I am very much a ONE child ONLY mother. For reasons not important this minute. However, just now I thought what a pity I didn’t procreate at the rate of rabbits to raise and turn out children with tuned minds, in their turn then infiltrating society with the obvious, with compassion, questioning every status quo. I would not wish any child of mine to meet a riot police’s shield, handcuffs, have his/her head smashed in becase of some “cause”  but we need CRITICAL mass.

Unless I had to defend another’s life I’d never raise a fist or a weapon. That’s easy. What’s difficult and how does the clever saying go: The word is the sword. That maybe so. Then count all the BLUNT swords. They hurt on impact but by their very bluntness will never make a neat precise incision.


PS Don’t worry: I haven’t lost the plot. Getting older clears vision. Barricades are not for the young with their so touchingly rose tinted hopeful views of the world; climbing barricades is for those who have lived most of the years of their lives and see it how it really IS.


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  1. I was taught that using a blunt knife (sword) or other blunt tool ia always dangerous to oneself. The blade is more likely to slip and injure the wielder. That figures.

    I like your comment about barricades and the young. You omit the evil elders who manipulate the young.

    Comment by Magpie 11 — April 20, 2011 @ 14:22 | Reply

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