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April 29, 2011

Apropos of nothing

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What a day! It’s not over yet. So there is hope in my waste land.

Made promises so far not kept as I write. Mainly to myself. Don’t know where my concept of time has gone in recent months. Vanished. That’s what. One moment it’s four in the morning; the next it’s (like now) 7 in the evening. I did bake a cake though, watched the WEDDING, scratched my head, and read all there is to know about philosophy behind cremation – and, of course, the CONsortium’s offerings.

I will take my hat off to Con this week: He kept it short to confuse his readership with as little as our tiny brains can cope with. Ramana – considering the subject being  ‘nothing’ – surprisingly expansive. Magpie as ever elusive. But then, in all honesty, the man could do with a bit more feedback from his CONsortium chums.  gaelikaa as usual her open and refreshing self stating that since she can NOT  talk about “Nothing” she will talk about something. For that alone I like her, if I didn’t like her anyway. GM’s sweet nothings I’ve forgotten this minute. Which is not a snide remark. It happens to be true. If you must know – every Friday I follow this order: GM – pitstop No 1. She sort of eases me into the subject, let’s me know what it is – and from then on I fear the WORST. Ramana (who I have decided to reduce to RAM not least because gaelikaa’s birthday – if memory serves me right is either Aries or Taurus, ie just gone or just about now, and a Ram either way). Where was I? Ram, No 2. Today he has left me vexed but at least it’ll rest my vocal cords. Next in the line up is NO  3 – awaited with trepidation – LeVinTel. Today he kept it short. Will have to revisit in a minute to remember what he said. Number four gaelikaa whose punctuality – come hell, husband, MIL, children, thousands of words in the making –  can always be relied upon. And the woman writes from the heart. Magpie, and I am not intimating that I leave best to last, elusive as befits birds: One moment they twitter, the next they will defile your windscreen and fly off.


PS Talking about birds: Every so often I grieve over loss of our cats. Like today. Miss them. Particularly the one who was the “dog”.



  1. I swore on a stack of imaginary Bibles that I wasn’t going to read anymore posts. Get something done around here. I signed up on Freecycle to get rid of stuff. But I’ve got other people’s stuff instead. Now I have to go through all of it again.

    Since I swore… I deleted this post without looking. Then quickly took a peek. Very fascinating. You summed it up.

    Comment by bikehikebabe — April 29, 2011 @ 18:34 | Reply

    • I swear, BHB. Mainly on stack of unwashed dishes.

      Freecycle, Recycle – full time job, BHB. Stuff in shops too cheap these days. Your child’s/children’s toys no piece missing, pristine condition, original box – not easy to get “rid off”. Awful phrase if ever there was one. There is no way I can keep Angel’s things for benefit of my grandchilden. By the time he’ll get round to procreate I dare say I won’t be able to negotiate the carpet as I did with him and his friends. Though my mother still does with her grandchildren. She is curently in mourning (as far as her ilk is CAPABLE of mourning – she and Jean would make a fine pair in stakes of keeping up any flagging spirit) that even her youngest grandchild (I don’t know, say seven or eight, Valentin), is now outgrowing what she [my mother] is happiest with: PLAYING. A gift. Shall miss her for that. Though she is {irritating to me} far more competitive than I ever was. More interested in winning than I am. But then she is No 5 of many children (mainly boys).

      Other than that, BHB, try avoid swearing. Not even on IMAGINARY bibles. Only in your mother tongue (preferably out of earshot).


      Comment by bitchontheblog — April 29, 2011 @ 19:09 | Reply

      • OH, I was SO good at playing. Jake, about 3, would jump all over my back on the bed. I’d scream & yell STOP, all the while enjoying the massage. My son ran in, but saw what fun we were having.

        Now they all have their computers for entertainment.

        (Once little Jake was sitting on Dad’s lap & was saying, “Tell me a story” as I was coming through the door. I said, “Yes tell us a story.” He jumped down, turned me around & pushed my butt out the door which he closed.)- 🙂

        Comment by bikehikebabe — April 29, 2011 @ 19:25 | Reply

        • Every so often, say, at my wondering what I am here for, or an electricity blackout, my son will indulge me.

          Recently we had the most stupidly hilarious time playing board games of his childhood. Reading the rules (where my brain has dimmed) taking longer than the actual game. However, there is one board game Omi (that’s Angel’s maternal grandmother, the competitive one – she’d give Con a mischievious run for his money) would lose all sense of humoUr. It was awful. It’s not Angel’s fault that he always wins. It’s in MY naming the boy. Had to have words with her some years ago. Still, Angel and I now play MALEFIZ in her absentia. She has good enough humoUr to appreciate when I tell her on the phone that, yes, Angel has once more won. Angel, being my mother’s grandson, NOW, naturally, suspects me of letting him win on PURPOSE. For fuck’s sake: I can’t win, can I?


          Comment by bitchontheblog — April 29, 2011 @ 19:56 | Reply

          • Dad & the kids played board games after dinner, whilSt (while) I did the dishes. Fine with me. I never won.

            Comment by bikehikebabe — April 29, 2011 @ 20:30 | Reply

            • Great observation, BHB. Not to be taken at face value. Will return to it; give it attention it deserves.

              As to the ‘literally’ winning: It so does not matter. To me. I don’t give a dime. I just do what needs to be done: Play a board game. If it makes the rest of the congretation happy. For god’s sake, and I will rub my siblings’ noses into this next time we meet: I spent hours of my life playing MONOPOLY with them. Manning the bank. Issuing – unlike any bank manager you may encounter in real life – endless chitties of I Owe YOU (amount not to be deciphered at time of reckoning – say five hours later). In terms of expenditure of energy and boredom few things in my life will rival Monopoly. Fast forward decades later and ask your siblings for a real life loan. Never mind. Those IOUs long forgotten.


              Comment by bitchontheblog — April 29, 2011 @ 20:48 | Reply

              • 🙂

                Comment by bikehikebabe — April 29, 2011 @ 21:05 | Reply

  2. I have no particular order for looking at others’ blogs… and usually end up forgetting to provide links to the rest of the group anyway. Damn..too late..

    Bored games! Okay I’ll have a go at chess…and don’t mind if I lose…draughts (aka Chequers) is a no no…monopoly has never seen the light of day in my house, nor will it ever, if I have anything to say about it. I once discovered that Ludo can stretch for hours and hours if you become ruthless enough! Merels is good… There are poeple who refuse to play games with me because I try to win or at least prevent them from winning. If you aren’t going to try to win …why play?

    Games and real life? How I hate it when people tell me that these computer games can help children in their real lives….

    BTW Did you all enjoy the nuptials on the square eyed idol?

    Comment by magpie11 — April 29, 2011 @ 21:15 | Reply

    • I wouldn’t say I ‘enjoyed’ the nuptials. Not because the couple was wanting; though William did show surplus of nerves during initial ceremony – maybe he remembered his mother or it was all too much for him – what with the rehearsals. He did relax, eventually – on the home stretch to the Castle. Even remembered to kiss the bride! Kate a winner. If ever there was a commoner to take it in her stride. She was brill – from start to finish. (Oh my god, I didn’t just say ‘brill’ did I?) She was good.

      As an aside: That David Beckham’s wife, Posh, needs to losen up a little – particularly round the mouth. Sour. The odd smile wouldn’t go amiss.

      As to fashion: Loved the lace on Kate’s dress; her waist – the one most important part a woman needs to sport – accentuated. However, brides in white should do away with the train. So much easier to make a dash to the altar without it.

      The reason ‘enjoyment’ did not come into it that, yes, I did make TV work (wonky, double vision) and had laptop BBC coverage on at same time (lagging behind in commentary by about two minutes – does your head in). Also was awaiting imminent arrival of the TV Licence Mafia who do – under duress – find it hard to believe that I have no need of TV licence since I don’t watch any TV on the sly (other than Masterchef).

      Yes, BORED games. My father’s sentiment entirely. I think if there is one disappointment in my mother’s marital life it’s that her husband (that’s my father) will not indulge – unless kicked kicking and screeming to partake – and then spoil whole exercise by ridiculing it from start to finish. Now, in his old age, he wonders why no one wants to play with him any more.

      Neither do I [want to play with him]. Currently pissed off with him big time. Which is our general status quo. Though – him of an unforgiving bend – better at this game than me. At least twice in our life together HE managed to NOT speak to me for at least eighteen months at a stretch; pity my poor mother. Don’t tell Con: He’ll have me committed on that abuse of daughterly love alone.

      Chess, am fond of. Two bestest friends taught me decades ago. Played with FOS (father of son) in our early courtship; him being as competitive as his now ex mother-in-law, he took it all too seriously. Now I barely recognize a pawn when I see one.

      Trouble with games: There are those which purely rely on LUCK of the dice – luck being elusive at best of times, being the boring ones. Others challenge and depend on the RIGHT move. It’s odd, David: Considering others’ expectation of me I am SO not competitive. Possibly my biggest short coming overall. However, I will play a game. Unlike to my father who hates wasting time, it’s nothing to me: If someone wants to play a game I will. And, hand on heart, the outcome does so NOT matter to me.

      You ask why play when “you aren’t going to try to win”. I don’t know, David. HumoUr people? See above. It’s just all so irrelevant. To me.


      Comment by bitchontheblog — April 29, 2011 @ 22:26 | Reply

  3. Kate’s wedding dress looked like 1940. Her veil I’d throw in the rag bag. The tiara didn’t show under the veil. With ALL that money spent on the opulent parade, a wedding dress more like Diana’s would have been great.

    Comment by bikehikebabe — April 29, 2011 @ 22:40 | Reply

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