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June 3, 2011

The big itch

Filed under: Despair — bitchontheblog @ 18:50

Am gutted. Have come out in rash from hell  – most inopportune. A RASH? Never had an allergy in my life. Apparently stress induced. Whatever. That’s life. Stress, my foot. According to Hans Seyle and the Greek it’s not “Stress” it’s DISstress. Doctors do not have the time to enter into philosophical discourse. No wonder they feature high on suicide register. Second only to VETS (vets?) and journalists.

Yes, rash from hell. Naturally just as temperatures rise (being June). Limbs exposed. Never mind. The body can be ravishingly covered up. What about your face? Or rather MY face? Wish I were widowed ca 150 years ago, allowed to wear a veil. Or, in this day and age, a Burka.  This is not funny. Stress induced? Everytime I look in the mirror my “DIS”stress level rises proportional to the blotches. Any of you, please do not contemplate to come and see me any time soon.  I am a blotch of my beautiful former self. As to Vinegar, Con, and yes, this minute I am sour:  Whatever befalls you in life: Cider Vinegar (two tablespoons to a glass of water and copious amounts of honey) will cure all ills. Or so I hope.

Ursula Rashly de Vile, on her deathbed, Oxford Street, Southampton, England – bodging it all the way to the docks



  1. Hydrocortisone.

    Comment by Looney — June 4, 2011 @ 01:22 | Reply

    • Thanks, Looney. It’s what I like about men: Give them a problem and they will nail it.

      I am hopping with it. Never known anything like it. Ridiculous. Still, what’s interesting that mind over matter (in this case: body) doesn’t always work. There is obviously something going on and ‘soma’ has decided to teach “psyche” for once. Dear dog in heaven: If only it wouldn’t itch so much. And you know how a ‘reflex’ will kick in – unasked: You itch, so you scratch – absent mindedly. Next thing you know: You bleed. There is a story line, a lesson, a metaphor, something in there – somewhere. Wish it weren’t. Wish I had cat’s fleas or headlice instead.


      Comment by Ursula — June 4, 2011 @ 05:35 | Reply

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