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June 5, 2011

Twenty first letter of the Alphabet

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We live in uncouth times. Brighid now ably assisting the sweet Con in dissecting my character. Wonder what she would make of the first letter of the name my mother WANTED to give me. It was my grandmother who registered my birth, and overrode her daughter’s wish; those were the days when real women made real decisions and lived with the consequences.

I love my name. Few people love theirs. But then arrogance, happiness and conceit come easy to me. I initial the end of a post or comment as a sort of “Roger, Over and Out”. Some of my readers intuit this. To others you need to spell out everything – in LARGE letters. I myself think that little flourish of mine rather ‘camp’ (def. ‘deliberately exaggerated and theatrical in style’). Like my Mont Blanc Masterstueck. Green ink. Even red ink – when I see bull.

Good job my mother doesn’t know that this blog exists. Otherwise U Snr might challenge Brighid to a duel fought by slinging cow pads (medium dry); think Frisby, green going brown, soft but firm. Not least because my first name is the same as hers. And she is good at aiming.

Don’t know what a B makes the charming Brighid. It’s a lovely name actually: Brigitte. Gitty. Indeed one of my cousins is a Gitty. Just visited your blog, Gitty Brighid, and I find that you recommend not to “take shit from anyone”. Quite. My sentiment entirely.



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