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June 13, 2011

Damaged case

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Dearest sweetest Hearts, do me a favour and don’t tell my mother: It appears Con was right after all. I am not with it.

Even Magpie, my loyal and shining knight in armour, ever ready to defend my honour, has forsaken me. Am now in no MAN’s land though Ramana might still consider my proposition providing I bring a cow or whatever Indians treasure. Don’t worry, Ramana: I’ll fatten the cow and I will look after you. Do your tunics need to be ironed? I like ironing – it’s a metaphor for the futility of one’s efforts and life in general; an illusion of the wrinkle that never was.

My recent discovery and publication of being cross dominant has once more confirmed to me that one canNOT be too cautious as to how much you reveal about yourself. First there is a snowflake, then there is a ball, then there is an avalanche – now I find myself pronounced brain damaged. Not least confirmed by Google. Don’t google – just live with yourself as best you can.

Leaving, this minute, aside  what I amount to (a self pitying heap of what was once a promising mole hill) I myself wonder whether I’ll soon be embracing a horse in Turin: My dreams about the Consortium. Correction: My dreams about my blog and writing comments on the Consortium’s. I do so nearly every night – in my sleep. Remembering my mouthings wordperfect on waking: Am I mad or am I mad? Whilst, in recent weeks,  I haven’t woken myself screeming aloud when dreaming about the CONsortium I will come back from Morpheus’ arms in a cold sweat – only made colder by the relief when realising that indeed it was ONLY a dream. See what you’ve done to me? I am a glowing shadow of my former self. Doesn’t matter: Just don’t tell my mother.

Bloody hell.

Cortisol levels rising, yours,



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  1. Fear not …… I am here…..

    Who the hell says you are brain damaged because of your cross dominance/Cross laterality? They are talking crap.

    No one of any importance suggests this. or do they suggest that Dyslexics are brain damaged nor Synaesthetes for that matter.

    All that it proves is that God’s design is imperfect or that some mythological electronics engineer cannot read wiring diagrams.

    I have had to learn something about all three conditions as a teacher….. oh! and I have had to help actual brain damaged children from time to time…and they are all different.
    my sister in law is of that ilk BTW, the same as (I’m given to understand,) Susan Boyle….both suffered a lack of oxygen at birth…the difference being in the lives thay have led The one was expected to help care for her mother, the other has been babied the whole of her life….huge feelings of guilt on her mother’s part…i.e. “She who believes she must be obeyed.”….

    Rest assured that the first three conditions are due to how the brain is wired up. The Dyslexic thinks differently as does the synaesthete .This is alongside savantism ……..

    The other major source of different mental function is chemical…including, I have heard, religious conviction. Which chimes with the idea that those people are mentally ill… Religious belief is a mental illness I’m told! I will say that i sometimes envy the religiously convinced. They are so content…well okay they can be..

    Rest assured, Ursula, your brain is not damaged, just different. Which is why I value it so much…. and those who do not are either completely nuts or absurdly envious and have their brains infected by the deadly green eyed monsters of jealousy!

    By the way, don’t believe anything I tell you. I am mad!

    Comment by Magpie 11 — June 13, 2011 @ 16:12 | Reply

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