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August 9, 2011

Laughing gas

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Being the ray of sunshine I am I keep irritation to myself as best I can. And if I feel I won’t be able to control it I will warn (to be fair) anyone in the vicinity that clouds are on the horizon and don’t say later I didn’t warn you.

I don’t compartmentalize my life; it’s all one big goulash but I do keep irritation separate and in quarantine.

Irritation is that mosquito in your life; buzzing around in the dark; no sooner do you turn on the light to end a life it will all go quiet. I play this game with myself forever. It’s a private displeasure – few who know about it. The Angel finds that if my irritability is kept just at the right simmer my running comment is hilarious. If I let it boil over it’s hideous. Well, what are doors for if not to close them.

Yes, blogs. A source of irritation to me if ever there was one. Obviously there is Ramana’s most valuable lament yesterday which I will expamd on at some point because similar thoughts have exercised my mind. But till I have tamed them [thoughts] I cannot commit them to paper. Take  heart Ramana: Frustration comes with the territory. Anyway, let’s leave that for a more mellow of my time.

What has got my goat AGAIN? I don’t frequent many blogs. It’s a type of self preservation, a defence mechanism against the imbecility of my fellow human beings, not least my own that I rarely bother visiting the great unwashed. Two recent example (and no, I won’t give you the links) so dire, so awful, so everything I could have pummelled the sofa cushion if I’d had the energy. My big fat beef, and it’s just been barbecued once more, are bloggers’ “comment policies”. Let’s just forget for a moment that I hate the law being laid down full stop; far worse for me to discover again and again what little Hitlers, Stalins and Mussolinis are out there telling their readers what not to say, what to say. Whatever happened to “Speaker’s Corner, Hyde Park, London, The Box”? The worst bloggers those who will assure you that, naturally, they will vet your comment before they let it go through, EDIT it, that religion and/or John Lennon or teddybears are NOT ALLOWED to feature in any of your utterings should you wish to see the light of their comment boxes. It’s a turn off for me if ever there was one. You might as well wear socks before entering.

Admittedly, a few of those control freaks are interesting enough to keep my attention despite my disgust at their dictatorship but on the whole people like that are not for me. Yes, people’s tender feelings, sensitivities. There, there. Well, if you are so delicate: Don’t put yourself into the open arena.

Feeling better now? So am I.




  1. There’s too many rules & regulations without a blogger restricting you. It’s their blog so they can do what they want, but I won’t be there.

    Who is this blogger who likes your post? Why not come forth with a comment.

    Comment by bikehikebabe — August 9, 2011 @ 19:49 | Reply

    • Don’t confuse me, BHB. What do you mean: “Who is the blogger who likes your post?”? Didn’t you know that everyone adores me?

      Seriously, and you know I am not easily frightened but there is someone out there who’d hire a contract killer if you don’t fan her flag. No joke, BHB. It’s the reason I keep my mouth shut. The woman is deranged. She is driving a vendetta of proportions worthy of a Wagner Opera against another woman. Being the angel I am, and feeling her pain, some months ago I gingerly hinted in a comment that maybe she needs to take a step back and give that stealer of her husband a little breathing space instead of dragging her, herself, her kids and her ex through blood red mud – IN PUBLIC. Never again, BHB. Not only did she NOT publish what was a perfectly friendly comment of mine, she then posted that her arch rival was employing people under false names (mine) to take sides. First of all I am who I am, secondly I wasn’t taking anyone’s side, particularly as neither is known to me personally, neither do I take kindly to people doubting my credentials and identity (remember Con ca. 2009/10? Well let’s not go there). Anyway, I know when my life is worth more than trying to help someone out. It’s pathetic, BHB. This woman receives an enormous amount of feedback by readers entranced by the soap opera of her life but not ONE single one ever voices so much as a tiny questionmark whether she is actually handling her grief (and her kids’) correctly. It’s pathetic. I’d shoot myself if I were so unreceptive, so censorious. Never mind. Can’t rescue the whole of mankind.


      PS If your kids (going by the photos you sent) are half as wonderful as people as they look drop dead gorgeous they (and their parents) are very lucky indeed.

      Comment by bitchontheblog — August 9, 2011 @ 20:23 | Reply

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