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September 24, 2011

Horses for courses

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We have a minor scandal in our midst: All his lols in Millard’s admittedly rather witty email to Cynthia aka ‘Bike Hike Babe’ were not designed not soften the blow dealt to her tender heart. She has now promised to never bombard us again with her many missives. As results go it’s a pity. My dear Cynthia, what are you going to do with all those stars you reward yourself for each day? Why don’t you parcel them up at the end of every week (in a bit of toilet paper) and send them to the naysayers? Yes, Millard so thank you for that. I, for one, and not only because I am inordinately fond of the woman, DO enjoy Cynthia’s missives. Not only are they a reliable indicator in my inbox that BHB is still alive, she has brightened many a day of mine – and what with the time zones mainly my mornings – she makes me laugh, makes me groan (not least with regards to her political leanings), has drawn attention to a lot which otherwise would have gone to waste. So Cynthia, stars or no stars, please do NOT take ME off your list. I need my daily fix; and who are those guys to deprive me anyway?

Where I do agree with Millard is that you definitely have a feel for marketing; how to make a product known; get it to people. It is quite brilliant. Your daughter should be proud of you.  In fact, I wish I had horses – if only to make your daughter’s business a further success. Alas I don’t. But I do know people who do entertain, maintain and ride them (not least my two nieces, my sister-in-law, friends) and here in Hampshire and adjoining Dorset you can’t so much as drive through a narrow country lane (of the type that gives the typical American the heebie-jebbies regarding oncoming traffic) without many sightings of the original horse power.

So I shall spread the word, nay, the manure with the ingenious fork.

And remember where there is muck there is brass. Greetings to Lydia.

Bear hug,



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  1. Millard’s LOL email to me is making me quit sending & giving myself *stars* each day I don’t send.

    Funny thing. Millard is so Rightwing, Tea Party, Conservative Republican that he makes me look like a Liberal —- which I’m not!

    Comment by bikehikebabe — September 24, 2011 @ 18:12 | Reply

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