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October 1, 2011

Reluctant and sinking

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This minute: Evening: I am in a state. Not US. Though son will touch down on LA tarmac within the hour.

Have tremendous problem with the blogging world.

Am mad. Mad as in angry. Full of disdain. Do you actually realise what self indulgent shit is out there in the blogging world? I can only hazard a guess at facebook and twitter. All that blogging, facebook and twitter have done is obliterate. Don’t get me wrong: I have met some astounding people via blogging not least, recently, Val Erde (and – to some extent – some of her more noteworthy consorts). For that I am grateful.

I feel tremendous anger. Not enough to frighten me. Just enough to keep the broth on a simmer. There is one particular person I reserve something for: The one who had not the gumption to come forward and say her piece in response what amounted to some severe critique of mine. Well, if you read this, you know who you are. Face the debate. Don’t hide behind shoulders broader than your own.

Beached greetings, not by size:  Just beached,

Southampton, round the corner from Canute Chambers. Titanic’s Shipping Office,




  1. Anger isn’t good for you. Replace that with smelling flowers. (Like that can be done.)

    Comment by bikehikebabe — October 1, 2011 @ 22:42 | Reply

    • Au contraire, BHB: Anger is good for you. Only suppressed anger is bad, resulting in unmentionable diseases and an early grave. Don’t laugh. It’s true.

      Before I am being misunderstood: I do not advocate kicking the cat or the shit out of anyone; or killing yourself. Just put a post on your blog when “in a mood”. It’s a very effective way of alienating people.

      One of the best ways to work frustrations out of your system is chopping wood. Yes, I know it’s not alwayws practical or possible – and anyway, what to do with all that wood? The other way is to put pen to paper. Or mutter to yourself. Or tear you hair out. Or bang your fist on the table (I call it “self harm”).. Unfortunately, the last time I did that, I’d forgotten that I’d broken my arm. And I never throw anything. Not even a tantrum.

      People (Americans) make too much out of what is perceived as a negative emotion. It’s just one of many facets of our make up. I also believe that one of anger’s functions is to propel us into action.

      Neither has being annoyed ever stopped me smelling the flowers.


      Comment by Ursula — October 2, 2011 @ 09:37 | Reply

  2. Isn’t the entire purpose of blogging to be self indulgent?

    Comment by Looney — October 2, 2011 @ 03:49 | Reply

    • Yes, Looney, indeed it is: As proven by my very post which you so succinctly answered.

      Communicate with people who read Plato and Aristoteles, on a regular basis, at your peril – they can put all they have to say on one of my whimsies into one sentence.

      Will now venture over to the Looney camp full of trepidation. Sometimes I think you and I should read something in tandem. Which reminds me: It’d be great if you’d write a post on what you think about so called “popular philosophy”. Is what some of those authors do a dumbing down by making complicated thoughts accessible to the less educated – or are they themselves just a little limited? In response to all those who may read my reply to Looney please do keep your shirts on: I am not being elitist or some such. Quite the opposite. I am the first to acknowledge that we all have limitations, mainly that of time. If I tried to stuff everything I want to learn and know about into my life I’d have to live forever. As Charles of recently observed: Eternal life is the way to go.

      Sorry Looney, as we have established before: Opposites attract. The less YOU say the longer my answers. And no, I now won’t go into my current bee in my bonnet, namely the law of diminishing returns.

      Instead I bid you a good Sunday,

      Comment by Ursula — October 2, 2011 @ 10:03 | Reply

  3. Now look what you’ve gone and done! You will scare off ALL the self-indulgent enthusiastic writer wannabes who are afraid of anything resembling a fiery discussion.

    Er… um… carry on. 🙂

    Comment by Phil — October 2, 2011 @ 18:52 | Reply

    • Have no worry and let’s not hide: What’s bred in the bone will come out.


      Comment by Ursula — October 3, 2011 @ 10:21 | Reply

  4. It’s at times like this, Ursula, that it’s often a good idea to take time off from reading any blogs (at least, that’s what I find works best for me). Then ‘real life’ comes to the fore and some of the crap that is on the arse-end of the internet falls by the wayside.

    Did I just mix some metaphors? I expect I did.

    Thanks for the compliment, by the way. I appreciate it.

    Comment by Val — October 3, 2011 @ 00:24 | Reply

    • I like your metaphor. Up the blender. Smooth.

      So much to say, and say it I will. Wish I were part of a set of triplets – two of whom had no thoughts of their own thus happy to take dictation from me.

      My cup overflowing,

      Comment by Ursula — October 3, 2011 @ 10:34 | Reply

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