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October 6, 2011

Here is to you

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Before I answer the rather perceptive and witty comments on my last few posts let me ask you a burning question:

Is it, morally/ethically, acceptable to expose a, say, I don’t know, 64 to 69 year old woman for the fraud she is? Should we leave the old alone? Is it an insult to them to take them to task? Why do old people think they can get away with anything? Why do they demand respect, yet behave like imbeciles?

This is addressed to a woman, who called me “That Woman” some two years ago, or is it three, maligned me, badly and, worse, behind my back. I have waved many a white flag since. To no avail. She wants me off her, as she calls her blogging chums, playground. She is what I’d call PA, possessive aggressive. Why doesn’t she just come clean and tell me to fuck off because she doesn’t like me? Well, Dearest Sweetest Heart, this may come as a surprise to you: We don’t need to love each other in order to  be civil. And you may spout your many sweet tale but one thing you are NOT: Civil. And Henry Kissinger would have never employed you either. Or he might have done on strength of the front you put up and fired you before your apprenticeship was up.

I have tried, oh you the unnamed. How “delighted” you were, weren’t you, when yesterday I called your bluff on someone else’s blog. You had little choice but to acknowledge me. How it must have pained you. Even then you called me a “comment” rather than by my name, the one you know perfectly well. Maybe Ramana, or one of your American chums, will enlighten you why there can never be world peace if some Irish woman doesn’t have it in her heart to talk to me.

As to your posting today, and thank you David for that, you once admitted that you were crap at maths: So remember: 100 % is like 360 degrees. Two plus two makes five in your book. That is why you – by your own calculation – rank so high in bullshitting (103 %) and, more importantly, and you are most accomplished at it, 118 % in kissing ass. Let’s expand on kissing ass: You do – judging by the comments you leave on those blogs worthy of your aggrandisement. And you do not expect anything less from anyone else. OTT. Over the top indeed.

Sorry to disappoint.


PS What was the question: Should we spare the old or is 68 the new 42?



  1. Oh! Er I had forgotten about that one…….. I assume it’s the one about alphabetical one to one correspondence with the integers 1 to 26 inclusive…..

    As for your question? As an oldie (your definition) I could hardly make a comment.

    Comment by magpie11 — October 6, 2011 @ 12:56 | Reply

    • As an “oldie”, your words not mine, you are the only one qualified to comment. Though am catching up fast with you in terms of age. Oh, my, god. How could it ever come to sitting on a time bomb? Keep still my beating heart. Correction, keep beating.

      I was brought up to only show reverence where/when deserved. And I thank my parents for that. However, just like you and I were brought up to give up a seat on local transport to an “elderly” person or a pregnant woman, indeed if a man to a woman, so I cannot deny that there is still that residue within my conscience to treat my “elders” with respect. And there the conflict lies.What constitutes respect?

      In a completely different context someone suggested recently that I may be patronizing/condescending. I probably am. However: Is it not patronizing/condescending to give someone ‘carte blanche’, not because they deserve it but because they are of a certain age? And, with a bit of luck I will reach that age too. But unless I will have gone permantently doolally (how do you spell doolally?) I hope even when I am shrunk to the size of a raisin at age 101 people (say, my sons and his cousins) will show me the respect of taking me seriously. That is respect: Treat you not like something breakable only to be touched with kid gloves but a robust specimen of the human race. I want communication, exchange, honesty, a plaster if need be – but don’t give me “silence” and/or misguided “respect”. There, there,


      Comment by bitchontheblog — October 6, 2011 @ 15:44 | Reply

  2. My head hurts… OK, I’m not seasoned enough to have any direct knowledge of the actual events troubling you, but hell, that’s never stopped me from offering an opinion. However, I can only speak in broad generalities here since I lack the specifics of the transgression(s) lying at the core of this conundrum. Here are some random thoughts of mine in no particular order of importance.

    There is an old business maxim that states, If two executives always agree with their decisions, you have one too many an executive. Perilous waters if you surround yourself with everyone that polite and optimistic. The most important people in your life are ones that challenge you, poke holes in your ideas, forcing you to focus, defend, and most importantly to truly comprehend and clarify those ideas, and (gasp) possibly admit that maybe they weren’t so great, if appropriate. Not everyone is suited to listen to such challenges however. And unfortunately in most businesses, the folks who keep up with the happy talk are the ones that remain, which explains why so many businesses are screwed up. OK, so Internet blogging is not a business – what’s the point? Well, the parallel seems appropriate here.

    No Ursula, age in and of itself is not a measure by which ideological deference is automatically bestowed, irrespective of its validity.

    Or maybe it isn’t and I’m all wet. If so, I hope you tell me so Ursula. I’m not afraid to hear it and for God’s sake, don’t sugar coat it… 🙂

    Comment by Phil — October 6, 2011 @ 16:30 | Reply

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