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December 30, 2011

From Russia

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I have just dropped a glass. By accident. It doesn’t work if you do it on purpose.

I am not superstitious – which doesn’t stop me from being quietly, satisfyingly, pleased every time I break a plate. Where there are shards, in my book, there is luck. Am now on tenterhooks. Not impatiently so. Just confident a loose roof tile will NOT fall onto my head.

In 1982 I broke a mirror. It wasn’t by design. I was incensed. And the mirror (large) was the first to come to hand between my fury and the object of my desire. A few months later we got married. They say breaking a mirror signifies seven years of bad luck ahead. Don’t believe a word of it. We lasted 13.




  1. You’re the adventurous one to marry the object despite breaking the mirror. I imagine you co-starring on The Raiders of Lost Ark, hunting for buried treasures to find your next object of desire that way.

    Comment by totsymae1011 — December 30, 2011 @ 19:35 | Reply

    • My dear Totsy, thanks for the vote of confidence. Freedom is mine.


      Comment by bitchontheblog — December 30, 2011 @ 19:56 | Reply

  2. Ah! So some would ask why only seven when it was obvious that it presaged a baker’s dozen. 😉

    Back in about 1959 I too broke a mirror…I decided that my image would make a good opponent for a fencing bout with the recorder my grandmother gave me as a Christmas present. With the cry of “En Garde” the mouth-piece flew off and smashed the mirror. I went back to school with a black eye administered by my mother only to have said musical instrument stolen from the music room by a House master who refused to return it.

    As for the bad luck . Well, it started with a fist in the eye and went on for many years after that….. 😉

    Comment by magpie11 — December 30, 2011 @ 20:02 | Reply

  3. You have to watch out for those roof tiles – brought Ben Hur no end of bad luck, so one falling tile did.

    Comment by blackwatertown — December 30, 2011 @ 23:06 | Reply

  4. Some days are “Dropping days.” It ticks me off, but then I remind myself I’m probably dropping things because I’m in a hurry. Or else I’m getting old. I’m going with the “hurry excuse”.

    Comment by Barb — December 31, 2011 @ 07:24 | Reply

  5. I’m with Barb. Some days, I just drop everything I handle. And since I’m from the southern part of the US, I always am allowed to drop the last letters of words and sometimes, entire last syllables. But mirrors – oh my – must not drop those. We are a superstitious group as well. Happy New Year Ursula. Am waiting for the banner full of resolutions to appear on your site.

    Comment by writingfeemail — January 3, 2012 @ 23:21 | Reply

  6. Well they always say lucky for some…
    Looks like that was a truism, well maybe?
    Don’t be dropping anything else though
    as that could be habit forming…


    Comment by Androgoth — January 14, 2012 @ 23:06 | Reply

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