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May 23, 2012


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I need to vent a spleen. No doubt it’ll come back and hit me over the head. Yes, Karma.

What I have done in any previous life, indeed in this, to be constantly reminded by people of the concept of Karma I do not know. I must have been an absolute swine, still am, that not only do I not understand what Karma is, what it stands for, what purpose it can possibly serve – but that I am becoming more and more exasperated by how many people believe in it.

First things first: I am all for anything that gives people comfort (as long as no one is hurt). If you want to worship at some shrine and it makes you feel good that’s fine. I’d extend that courtesy to those who believe in the stars (astrology). Whatever stills your fever in the quest to grapple with  life and fate.

What’s not fine is that I (and maybe others) are made to feel that we are wholly responsible for whatever luck or ills befall us. It is so much nonsense, to my mind, that if banging my head against the wall would make it go away I’d happily live with the concussion.

There are some people in my life (all of them male since calm, reason and indifference all peculiarly – and attractive – male traits) who’d shrug their shoulder and say to me: Maybe you move in the wrong circles.

Maybe. That won’t make that blasted Karma go away. Remember: One of those friends of mine who hates the catholic church with a vengence – and is scathing of Americans – married a devout Catholic and American. You may laugh. As do I. Their relationship a constant source of amusement to me. Proving that the human soul is perverse. In Karma terms I shudder to think what his sins were back in the ice ages.

Like with most things which confound me I am torn between anger and laughing it off. The concept of Karma, on the whole, just annoys the hell out of me. In my layman’s terms it appears that we are supposed to believe that “what goes around comes around”. That idea is just so not true I could cry. Whenever I hear about Karma I feel like an animal rattling the cage, wanting to get out (that’s when it pays to be a Gorilla – their chance of breaking out slightly higher than mine).

I have known some wonderful people in my life. I have worked with some absolute bastards. If Karma is about justice then I think Karma needs to have its vision tested. Get some new prescription glasses. Or just go blind.

Someone will now repeat (see above) that Karma makes sense in that  it is not tethered to this, our current, life. I am supposed to believe that I am paying for the sins of a previous life, that I am reaping the seeds I sowed in yet another life. Maybe I misunderstand. Maybe there are certain thoughts that some hold dear I am just not cut out for. All I know: There is nothing ‘fair’ about life. Just because you give doesn’t mean you’ll be given, just because you don’t give doesn’t mean that you won’t be given.

What annoys me more than anything else about the concept of Karma, in my limited understanding: How can life be a trade off?


PS No lab rats were used or hurt in the above. May you too have it in your heart to forgive me. Remember: What goes around comes around! HA.

PPS I have deliberately not tagged this post with ‘Karma’. Who wants to drop dead tomorrow morning to be reincarnated as slime?



  1. Ursula, I fear that I am in the ‘karma’ category. So sorry. Perhaps it only works if you believe in it. But I have seen it at work many times – not so much in responsibility for the ill that befalls us – but for that we intentionally bring to others beign visited back on ourselves. We Americans often also refer to this Biblically as ‘reaping what you sow’. However, hard times and illnesses befall us all and it is how we choose to deal with them that I believe makes the difference. But that’s just my own belief and opinions vary. I’m glad to hear your friend ended up with an American Catholic. Ahh…poetic.

    Comment by writingfeemail — May 23, 2012 @ 10:51 | Reply

  2. The butterfly has fluttered its wings in the forests of the Amazon. The typhoons will now start in Hong Kong.

    Comment by rummuser — May 23, 2012 @ 14:44 | Reply

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