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May 28, 2012

The week I’ll probably die with the help of someone

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I may have to leave the country once I am finished – and move to Mars. Who cares. Destiny leads, I usually run away.

Yes, so this is GAY week. On my blog.

And when, and if, I use the wrong lingo then, dear gays, do forgive me. I am only human thus errors are made. Why am I so down in the mouth? Well, Sweethearts: Fact is that some six or seven years ago I fell in love with a gay man. I knew he was gay from the beginning so sex wasn’t exactly an issue. Though would have slept with him – on request – if we had made to Paris or Rome.

Nay, my trouble with gay men is semantics. I do not fucking get the lingo right, do I? Am I an expert? No. In my experience we make allowances for each other. Count gays out on that score. They are unforgiving. Sorry about generalizing, but generalizations are there for a reason – mainly to get a point across.

Yes, so I put my foot into it. Still don’t know how. I used ‘preference’ when I should have used ‘orientation’. Or whatever. I have to hand to you gays: Some of you are so sensitive may the sun never set on you. You’ll burn.

And please do not keep pointing the finger at heterosexuals. Lend me a helping hand instead.


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  1. When I was younger and in my first career job, I remember making the same mistake in semantics between preference and orientation. Perhaps I was fortunate, but my experience was rather different, with a kind correction and explanation of the difference in perception of the two terms. I went on to become good friends with the fellow. In fact, he asked me to be a trustee in his son’s financial affairs, from his first marriage, before divorcing and acknowledging his orientation. This was back in the 80’s when there was a rampant fear of early demise in the community, and such a young man making sure his affairs were in order.

    I’m sorry to hear your experiences seem a lot more confrontational. People misspeak and misunderstand all the time. Good communication does far more good than hostile attacks, which gets everyone’s back up in defensive posture. A pity for sure.

    Hope this week is turning out a bit better than last.

    Comment by Phil — May 29, 2012 @ 12:15 | Reply

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