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July 13, 2012

Every which way

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Hot tip of the day and please do not take this lightly:

Just because you know that that thundering road round your every day corner is a ONE way street doesn’t mean every one else does. Always look both ways. Right and left. Left and right. Step back. Look again. Cross.




  1. I’ll assume since you’ve left this prudent piece of advice that all your limbs are still intact, and the only thing torn apart were your nerves… Did you manage to leave such driver with a nice little hand gesture or greeting?

    Comment by Phil — July 13, 2012 @ 16:49 | Reply

    • My dear Phil, contrary to appearances on my blog I am not given to road rage. Even when once attacked by some rather misguided lunatic (female) with a steel pole and language I’d be hard pushed to match no one came to harm. Give me a mad dog in the grip of rabies (no joke) and I will not be bitten.

      The above post just a general observation of mine. It’s extraordinary how careless people are. And how we are slaves to our perceptions. I am not. But then that’s because I am my father’s daughter. When he and my mother went out for the evening, with me in charge of my siblings, he left me in no doubt how to avoid burning the house down. And yes, to this day, before going on holiday I will turn the car round four times to check (again) whether I’d remembered to turn the iron off. There is nothing more dangerous than being on autopilot. Which is why, sometimes, I wonder how I left A to find myself at B with no recollection of the time in between.


      Comment by Ursula — July 13, 2012 @ 17:15 | Reply

  2. And listen and keep listening….. tho’ that won’t be any damn good when all there are are Rols Royces and electric cars.
    Chauffer of Rolls Royce to dazed pedestrian, “But Sir, you are not meant to hear this car comming.”

    Comment by David — July 13, 2012 @ 20:28 | Reply

    • Good advice, David. Listen.

      But since everyone appears to either have a phone clamped to their ear or listen to their ear phones as they walk the High Street I don’t hold out much hope on that one. A couple of weeks ago the Angel couldn’t find his coat. He’d rather get drenched in the rain than be late for the office. It’s not my attitude to life but then neither do I start the day in a bad mood. Naturally, one minute after he’d left I found it (I always look for anything in the most unlikely places first). Grabbed it, ran down the stairs, and could see him turn left just round the corner, a few hundred meters down. So I ran. Unfortunately I was wearing slippers. Slippers are not good for running. I called his name. Oh did I call his name. And ran. The guy has long legs. Very long legs. What a stride. And (see above) he doesn’t like to be late. He’d rather die of pneumonia. So the distance between us was not so much lengthening but most certainly not shortening either. AND he had whatever that music thingy is called plugged into his ears. So he didn’t hear me. Still, such are my powers, he suddenly turned round and saw the woman who will make a complete spectacle of herself first thing in the morning brandishing his coat. He was touched. Though not surprised. So that was my exercise for the day. And no, in my rush, I had not I locked myself out. I’d left all doors open. For ten minutes.


      Comment by Ursula — July 14, 2012 @ 01:20 | Reply

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