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July 15, 2012


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Since I am full of myself and self sufficient I rarely quote other people. However, I will make an exception for Martin Luther King. The man had passion.

“If you can’t fly, then run; if you can’t run, then walk; if you can’t walk, then crawl. But whatever you do keep moving forward.”

What if you are a crab? Moving sidewards.

Since penning the above and before given a chance to press ‘publish’ I was made aware of new research on pubic hair. One of the few areas of my life I have never given much thought to. I shall not blame my new friend, the one and only Gorilla complete with Banana, whose musings on hair (mainly facial) left me pensive. It appears that there is a reason for pubic hair. Not least for crabs to have something to cling to.

If you want to know why pubic hair is wiry, curly, usually the same colour as the beard you shouldn’t grow (unless you are Dali or Zappa) or what the dire consequences should you decide to shave it all off please ask. Few things will unsettle a Northern European.




  1. How can one be sure that everything else is not moving sideward, while the lonely crab is moving forward?

    OK, I’ll bite (er… not a good figure of speech here), I mean, I’ll ask. Why wiry, curly, and what are the consequences of shaving it off?

    Comment by Phil — July 15, 2012 @ 19:20 | Reply

    • That will depend on where you are shaving Phil
      and if it is below the base line then ‘Scratchy and Itchy’
      springs to mind… Of course those crabs are only a
      beach problem as far as I know but again that will
      depend upon how adventurous one is, and I prefer
      the Beach anytime… Well as long as there are some
      deliciously sweet Maidens nearby that is 🙂 🙂 lol

      I think that these smiley’s are okay when I
      am replying to you Phil but I could be wrong? 😦

      Hi Ursula…


      Comment by Androgoth — July 17, 2012 @ 22:49 | Reply

      • Andro, I’m not sure if it is OK or not, but since we are buddies, I won’t let you get sent to detention alone. So… 😛

        I sure hope the detention teacher is HOT! 😀

        Comment by Phil — July 17, 2012 @ 23:34 | Reply

        • Yes well she does have a naughty side, i mean a wicked side, I mean a… Well let’s just agree that she will have our guts for garters 🙂 Grrrrrr

          Have a wicked rest of evening Phil and thank you for joining me under the clock, our headmistress is on her way me thinks? 🙂 lol

          Okay U no more Smiley’s…
          (XXx for U, I mean Ursula)


          Comment by Androgoth — July 17, 2012 @ 23:37 | Reply

  2. We’ve only known each other for half a day and I’ve already inspired a post! As pride is a sin, I shall endeavour to feel merely flattered. “Pubic hair” is only a meaningful term for creatures that are hairless (apart from a few tufts). One consequence of shaving it off is meeting a requirement for a career in pornography (outside of Japan), There may be others of which I am unaware.

    Comment by Gorilla Bananas — July 15, 2012 @ 21:48 | Reply

  3. A crab was banned from a bar. On enquiring…oh sorry it only works with visual help…….
    As for the particular seconadry sexual characteristics you speak of….. it varies from race to race, not to say from person to person, there are those with straight pubic hair. I always wondered why facial hair and pubic hair are supposedly typically tinged red….
    I cannot understand the fashion for acomoclitism…. It is said that for men this suggests the young female child….. as for the results of shaving it off… from my experience of surgery it results in horrendous itching as it grows back… and a big grin on the face of the nurse doing the shaving!

    Oh yes the beard….. I hate shaving so I have a beard …… i do keep it trimmed fairly close….. it does have the advantage that i do not look like my much loathed maternal Uncle which i did when foolishly I shaved it off……………….

    By the way can anyone remember what those people who are completely covered in fine silky hair are callled?

    Comment by David — July 16, 2012 @ 12:14 | Reply

  4. Have a fun rest of evening
    and a wicked Wednesday Ursula…

    Androgoth XXx

    Comment by Androgoth — July 17, 2012 @ 22:50 | Reply

  5. Ursula are you reading my comments or what?
    Well I only bleeding asked… Okay let’s grab a
    piece of fun and see where it takes us, probably
    back into one of Phil’s parties, let’s hope that
    the GOBBY ONE doesn’t turn up this time but
    other than that it should be a good laugh…

    Androgoth XXx

    Comment by Androgoth — July 20, 2012 @ 01:44 | Reply

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