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July 19, 2012

Top Dog

You can’t beat it: The United States of America that is. Not that I would want to. After all, most of the inhabitants stem from their forebears in Europe.

The States’ dialing code being 001. It’s quite fantastic when you think about it. Number 1.

France, being cha cha, oh dear, yes, let’s not dwell on the unadulterated (sic) treachery and jealousy, sickness by another name, of La Rottweiler (First Lady), a cool 0033. England not to be outdone by their arch enemy another double act at 0044. Whilst Germany a most charming 0049. Italy clearly distracted by stirring risotto and grating Parmesan cheese at 0039. Or maybe they just don’t want anyone to phone them. Who remembers 39? And anyway talking with your hands does not easily translate via trunks under the ocean.  Naturally, one could have a friend (as do I), deceased, in Trinidad. Don’t ask.

Yes, so: What’s in a number?




  1. My only Teddy Bear is named 44…… completely by accident……. BTW the French are still trying to get rid of Greenwich Meantime……. BTW Meantime brewery brew some very palatable beers!

    Comment by David — July 19, 2012 @ 13:14 | Reply

    • That link is so cute, David. Since the Angel is the beer brain I entered his birth date rather than mine. I hope it won’t haunt him in time to come.

      I don’t drink beer. Like I don’t drink Coke. And lots of other stuff. However, the Angel has begun a campaign to convert me to Ale. It’s a revelation. Where beer leaves me cold Ales have taste. Very different ones. The Angel educating me gently – once a week he will give me, like a baby being weened, a tiny slurp of whatever he is having. Then asking me what I think. I don’t think but my palate will wax lyrically.

      Teddy 44. How sweet. How did that come about? Remind me to tell you about Papa Bear and Mama Rabbit. If ever there is a sob story this is mine.


      Comment by Ursula — July 19, 2012 @ 13:32 | Reply

      • Ale? Does he enjoy Worthington’s White Shield IPA? Now owned (unfortunately) by Molson Coors…… It is the last of the great Burton Ales and was first brewed back in 1829…… I once found a bottle at the back of a cupboard that was over 10years old…still drinkable and such a wonderful flavour…… Re Coke…. did you know that in tastings against other colas Coke doesn’t do well? Yet it still sells.

        When I was in College I knew a lot of trainee Ocupational Therapists. Well, 44 was made by an old gentleman in hospital…. he used to knit these bears and sell them… I was able to purchase the last one he ever made and took him home (never had a teddy when I was ickkle) he didn’t have a name(the bear that is). My mother was writing out some number cards for the yuth club sponsored walk… this was 1969. Next morning the bear was found “holding” up a stray card showing the number 44! He was subsequently taken on the walk and raised a few pounds…..

        Comment by David — July 19, 2012 @ 14:08 | Reply

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