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July 28, 2012


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Whatever you do: Don’t get bitter. It’s not becoming and, unlike chocolate with more than 75 % cocoa solids, it’s not healthy. It’ll age you (nothing that happiness can’t revert to its former beauty) but, in the interim, you will hate people inquiring after your health. Mirrors to be clothed. Sons asked to not take after you by telling you the unvarnished truth.

See you at a Spa, say Baden Baden. In the mud bath.




  1. I’ve taken an inventory of people who died–happy ones, grouchy ones. Doesn’t matter. Happiness doesn’t counteract too much sugar in your cocoa solids. BTW I eat a 100% cocoa solid round with 2 raisins & a nut. Also I eat sunflower & pumpkins seeds like U. That probably won’t matter either.

    I can’t do a reply because half the form to be filled out is off the computer screen. Fix it if you can. My expert says that can’t be fixed here.

    Comment by bikehikebabe66 — July 28, 2012 @ 19:23 | Reply

    • Fix it????? BHB, you’ve got to be joking. I know nothing about computers. Or wordpress. Or anything.

      I am one of those people: Either something works or it doesn’t. If it doesn’t I will live with the fall out. By way of example: I had my computer repaired some time last Nov/Dec. Ever since little works. I have no sound. The dvd/cd drive is blocked. My scanner has gone into a sulk. Do I care? Not really. But once or twice a day I do. Mainly because so many people these days, not least my favourite correspondents, keep posting music and bits (which I can’t hear unless I decamp to my son’s comp which I try to avoid since anything that goes wrong with his will be blamed on me).

      So don’t look to me for solutions. I am happy if I get through any of Beethoven’s symphonies without crying and manage to finish the washing up in one session. That’s roughly how far my ambition stretches these days. Other than that: This minute I look like shit.

      Hugs, nuts and raisins,

      Comment by Ursula — July 28, 2012 @ 22:32 | Reply

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