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August 29, 2013

Ten year anniversary of Skype

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I wouldn’t describe myself as squeamish. Give me a worm. I threaded it on a fisherman’s rod at the tender age of four (me, not the worm or the rod). My son’s cats (when still alive) put horrendous gifts of love at my feet, half dead. I will give you the kiss of life even if you have just been sick. I could give you many more credentials as how NOT squeamish I am. Don’t want to spoil your appetite. Where I draw the line is  rabbit. But only because their skinned body reminds me of that of a cat. I was once given a (skinned) rabbit, put it in a lidded dish, shoved it into the fridge for safe keeping. Some weeks later, I disposed of the dish without so much as lifting the lid. I am not a fool. It was a favourite vessel of mine. But needs must. And my need was that I did not want to traumatize myself with a neglected carcass.

The long and short of it: Skype and its camera I can’t cope with. I CAN NOT. Call me a ninny. Give me a land mine. I don’t care.  Just don’t ask me to go on a web cam.

Thank you.

No kisses today,



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