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November 12, 2013

November November

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Sweethearts, bring out the champagne and let the corks pop. Hold the bottles away from your face or you may lose an eye.

Front page:  Have found favour once more. Takes people a while to see a good deal when it stares them in the face – but then the English are not known for their bartering skills. Slightly annoying that I can’t go into detail – what with drones watching your every key stroke. Mark my words – if I feel mildly paranoid NOW soon (give it five years – no, make that three months) a new DIS ease will be coined, named and you’ll be given the badge whether you want it or not. Doesn’t matter. Just don’t swallow the pills. And please don’t flush them down the toilet either.

In other stale news: Yesterday I was paid the ultimate compliment: I do not bore.




  1. I could have told you that Ursula. The one thing you are incapable of. Being a bore I mean. Congratulations. I have been warned. I shall not play poker with you.

    Comment by rummuser — November 13, 2013 @ 02:21 | Reply

    • Thank you, Ramana. Funny you should mention Poker. May have mentioned before that – for reasons unknown – I cannot, for the life of me, remember the rules of any card game from one day to the next. Some sort of mental block. Obviously I can play Snap with a three year old without having to familiarize myself again and again and again how it works. But that’s about it. That’s how far my poor brain stretches. Yet, I’d love love love to be able to play Poker. Everyone who has ever known me dismisses me as poker player potential: “You’d be rubbish at it, your face being a dead give away as to your hand”, they’ll say – before laughing off my ambition. Yeah, well, we’ll see. Should I live long enough, my face mummified, I’ll give them a hand. Full house. Flush.


      Comment by Ursula — November 13, 2013 @ 06:37 | Reply

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