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January 10, 2014

Running on empty – before closing time

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Frustration is mine. Next I’ll be writing 500 Shades of White. So, nothing new there.

My father once warned me off men who claim that “my wife doesn’t understand me”. Whilst, to this day, I do appreciate his advice if I had a wife I am sure she wouldn’t understand me either.

Yes, so all is good 10 January 2014. I haven’t written to anyone who I’d like to (no doubt, you will understand), I have missed a deadline (through no fault of mine) and am generally deliriously happy with the mess I have made of my life in the last thirty one minutes and a half.

Hugs, hisses, TALK TO ME,




  1. Your Father’s advice certainly has multiple levels of truth to it. I didn’t think Germans spoke that way.

    Comment by Looney — January 11, 2014 @ 02:18 | Reply

    • There was no end to the length my father would go to demonstrate laws of physics and/or protect my innocence by opening my big eyes wide. At roughly the same time (I must have been in my late teens) he once pulled off his (wedding) ring and asked me what I saw. I saw a finger with a distinct mark. Whilst I was a little startled it sure beat being threatened with hell and damnation in a veiled manner.

      As to your perception of the Germanic: The English are squeamish when it comes to facts of life. Mainly because they are detached from what they call so quaintly :The Continent. The English refuse themselves. They are not part of the Continent, they can’t see that identity cards make sense, they drive on the wrong side of the road, only to complain that – when they enter THE CONTINENT – everyone drives on the wrong side of the Englishman’s. That’s why Malta is so popular as a holiday destination. You don’t need to know your right from your left.

      The English keep themselves (artificially) apart. On the other hand I do grant them they will let immigrants in. What choice does the Empire have? Chickens home to roost does come to the unimaginative mind.

      So, whilst the English nearly evacuated me a few years ago, on grounds of EU law they don’t understand (I entered Kafka’s world at a time I should have been in a sanatorium in Davos/Switzerland), other European nations (coming back to your point) are quite free. They will discuss anything under the sun without so much as blushing. They will also let you share a room with your love interest. Where the English (my dear sweet parents-in-law) put you in separate bedrooms. The groom being nearly thirty. Naturally, he ravished me the next morning no sooner had my future parents-in-law left the house. I thought it quite awful. Not the ravishing. But the Hypo Crazy. The pretense. Famed British ‘understatement’ making more of what doesn’t amount to much.


      Comment by Ursula — January 11, 2014 @ 14:46 | Reply

  2. when i come here i never have a clue what you are talking about so i wander away but how could i resist “talk to me!”
    love your work 🙂

    Comment by kylie — January 11, 2014 @ 11:19 | Reply

    • That’s ok, Kylie. You are not the first to NOT understand me. Let that never be a reason for not giving me feedback for which I thank you. It’s bad enough to keep Nick off his cul-de-sac views without ending up in Mr McGregor’s garden. Think onions.

      I see you are still a little thin on your own blog’s ground. Take off and soar. Or crash land. Potion in motion being my motto.


      Comment by Ursula — January 12, 2014 @ 02:23 | Reply

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