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January 16, 2014


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You can’t beat it. Life that is. One minute you are happy. The next you think about dogs. Then you miss your cats both of whom died most timely. Then you make an attempt to sort out your life. To sort your life out is easy. In theory. Remember: I am Ms Efficient, Hillary Clinton wiping down Bill.

So there I was, just now, early bird and all that, looking at last night’s cooking fall out, reflecting on how much easier it would be to be American. Walk in fridge/freezers. I wish. Waste disposal at a flick. I wish. I have a tonne of paper which I sorted through between three and now. I am through with life. Particularly between three and now. What a waste. So, by way of water cooler moment, I put washing machine on, about an hour ago (unlike Tom’s my washing takes a lot less time but then his narrative does make a meal out of everything). Next water cooler moment I scrape debris off dishes still thinking about Americans. Not factoring in the washing machine which suddenly went into overdrive. It’s called ‘spin’. Readers: The floor underneath my feet moved. No bull. Exciting, ain’t it? In about an hour I will iron out creases.

I have arrived.



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