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February 2, 2014

Apropos of nothing

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Doesn’t time snail its way forward in the fast lane when you are absent minded? The Angel who, increasingly, gets exasperated by me said: “It’s been three years, Mama. Three years.” And it has. Not since I last washed my hair (yesterday) but other than that: Yes, three years.

This is where my mother comes in useful. What I’ll do without her one day neither my father or I do know. She is a walking diary. She knows when and who married whom about one hundred years ago. Or when we last talked. Now, some of you do keep a daily diary. And I will too. Soon. If only to remind myself that I not so much as have a life but live one. Not, of course, that to me time is important. Can you imagine me as your personal assistant keeping your diary? No. Neither can I. I’d just send you somewhere. To be on time your affair. Or the taxi driver’s. This is rich coming from Ms Logistics. However, moral of the tale: Unless you take an interest in what you do you don’t.

And then there was Mr Fox. I remember him fondly. Not least because he told me if I weren’t going to do XY and Z I’d regret it latest at age 40. Indeed. Live life at leisure. Repent in haste.




  1. Time…. a snail? No longer. It seems more like water rushing down an ever steepening slope… one day, I suspect, it will leave the slope and become completely chaotic and plunge …who knows where?

    Comment by magpie11 — February 2, 2014 @ 12:19 | Reply

    • I said ‘snail in the fast lane’. Other than that: Know what you mean. Give me a sieve and my time is all yours.


      Comment by bitchontheblog — February 4, 2014 @ 02:58 | Reply

      • Even in the fast lane a snail is next to stagnant….. I’m sure you have several years before the full effects of rushing time to hit you.

        Comment by magpie11 — February 4, 2014 @ 10:39 | Reply

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