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February 10, 2014

Not good

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I will not go into my reading history. Not least because my second husband (FOS) censored me severely and made me get rid of a lot dear to me. To the tune that I still question my sanity that I allowed him to do so. He was a good man – don’t get me wrong.

However, to be told (today) – by I don’t know who, some upshot – to not read “bad” books (being a waste of time)  is even worse. How do you know a book is ‘bad’ (whatever that means) till you have at least put your magnifying glass over it? It’s like admitting that I have never listened to either Madonna or Lady Gaga.  Which is true. I know they are both shit. On coffee table evidence alone. Sorry about the detour: I have no time for whores who do not deliver.

The Angel predicted years ago that I had material to either turn into Dylan Moran or a grumpy old woman. Probably both. A cross breed.  If there is one good thing about getting older, apart from shredding your past, it’s that you do not care any longer what anyone thinks. I am young enough to care that someone thinks utter crap, publishes it and gets paid for it. And I beeping read it into the bargain.  Glad the columnist isn’t my daughter. We’d have as severe a falling out as one can have with a daughter. Which is (obviously) shallow in troubled water.


Here is a link to Dylan Moran:

And another one if you have the time:



  1. Is it alowable to admit to not knowing who the devil Dylan Moran is or was?
    Is there actually a definition of a “Bad Book”? One of the most intelligent people I know wroe and had published a “Dystopian Novel”. His other friends all told him how wonderful it is…..upon reading it I managed to keep my mouth shut… perhaps I missed something an should re read it. Then again I read The Satanic Verses (yes I got beyond page 15) Now that is a “Bad Book”, in my opinion, if only because Rushdi slaughters the English Language….

    Comment by magpie11 — February 10, 2014 @ 12:12 | Reply

  2. I never go by what someone else thinks of about a book in deciding to read it or not. Only I can judge whether it is a good book, bad book, waste of time or whatever. And I am perfectly willing to accept that my judgment need not be the deciding factor for others to make that decision either.

    Comment by rummuser — February 10, 2014 @ 12:27 | Reply

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