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February 28, 2014

Right left center

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I stem from a cluster of countries deeply steeped in mythology, fairy tales and associated forests. Tell me about it. Then I followed one of Grimm’s (!) tales, left home and learnt how not to fear.

There is a belief that a noticeable cleft in the middle of your chin (underneath the mouth for those of you who need a map) denotes temper. Thus found more often in men than women. I am a woman and I do have cleft in my chin. Not a Grand Canyon. But a cleft nevertheless. According to Wikipedia (aren’t they just such fountain of often misguided knowledge) a common feature  in people of Germanic and Eastern European extraction. What that’s got to do with lab rats? After all – Russians are famed for throwing glasses over their shoulders. Which I am sure has more to do with Vodka than a cleft in their chin. And the Greek smash crockery at a wedding. Don’t get married.




  1. Are you short tempered?

    Comment by Rummuser — February 28, 2014 @ 11:52 | Reply

    • Don’t ask. Wish I’d never drawn attention to the subject.

      Got all my unsubstantiated facts wrong. It’s worse.


      Comment by bitchontheblog — February 28, 2014 @ 12:24 | Reply

  2. Those Russians just love to show off…actually, so do those Greeks… I’m sitting here trying to feel (under my beard) if there is a cleft in my chin… so long since I saw myself without a beard. Off to find earlier photographs of both myself and my father…. better try my mother too.

    Comment by magpie11 — February 28, 2014 @ 12:10 | Reply

    • Your mother? You don’t need a beard to hide many a sin to mankind.

      Angela Merkel greetings, and I like her,

      Comment by bitchontheblog — February 28, 2014 @ 12:26 | Reply

  3. I quite like Angela too….. okay, I don’t speak german so understanding her first hand is not on but she always seems to be an honest sort.
    M in l’s crossword today reminded me of Adenauer (Konrad) … he was involved in setting up the Franco-German Alliance (aka the Common Market) a few years after Churchill first suggested such a thing. I suspect that de Gaulle managed to con him and the rest though…. my Father (My country right or wrong) thought that snozzle was the best friend the English had in Europe with his Non! I don’t think he ever stopped to consider that ths French still think that they should lead/dominate Europe … 😉

    Comment by magpie11 — March 2, 2014 @ 16:27 | Reply

    • “Lead/dominate Europe”. Well, let’s not go where France lets us down. The only nation, the bloody accountants and cleaner uppers of all the mess in Europe, is Germany. Then Greece cries (as do a lot of Germans who can’t believe that they have to wipe up Greek finances going down the toilet). Meanwhile Angela Merkel goes about her business, quietly. I admire the woman. As I admired Margaret Thatcher. Keeping a tally. Putting food on the table. Cook now. Wash up later.

      People don’t like me for liking Mrs Thatcher. But, looking from the outside in – and not going into detail of her politics abroad – she turned the country round. When I arrived here (in England) I couldn’t believe it. I could not believe it. England was called a third world country. A few years of Thatcher and she’d turned the ship around. As I said I know nothing about the detail but the woman had merit and deserves to be remembered for it. Yet she is, to this day, so derided I told the Angel to never divulge to anyone that I voted for her (once – before I was told that I am not allowed to vote in this country).


      Comment by bitchontheblog — March 2, 2014 @ 17:20 | Reply

      • Priceless…. I voted for her (once – before I was told that I am not allowed to vote in this country).

        Only you Ursula…

        I”m almost helpless with mirth….
        Thatcher changed some of the wrong things in this country. She mad e it “right” to be selfish, to despise the poor. However she was right to stand up to the puppet of the Soviets…aka Scargill. Poor bloody miners finding themselves between those two….

        As for Education….. least said soonest mended. Dobtful I know.

        Comment by magpie11 — March 7, 2014 @ 20:28 | Reply

  4. I have both – the cleft and a fiery temper. Took years to learn to control the temper.

    Comment by Chuck McConvey — March 3, 2014 @ 15:43 | Reply

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