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March 14, 2014

No idea what to call this post

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As recently mentioned I am beginning to concur with an opinion my father offered freely when I still had stars in my eyes: Namely that people are stupid.

They are. By which I don’t mean that they are not intelligent. Not at all. Just stupid. Vindictive bastards lucky they are not at receiving end of what I have to say to them.

There is someone out there – in the public eye – I highly appreciate (he is not the only one since I like the eloquent, the investigative, even the shrewd) who is being maligned to an extent I think disgusting. Oh, yes, the anonymity of comment boxes of the press. If Jesus Christ lived now he’d be dead before he had even started. There is so much hot air in the ether – without giving each other a chance, dismissing each other on grounds that have nothing whatsoever to do with the actual subject – I ate I ate I ate (with the often omitted h).

Anyway, I can’t mother everyone on the planet. I just dearly hope the man will stand his ground. And he will. However, and this is were Mother Theresa (that’s me) comes in, and again quoting my father: “How I feel  inside (!) is no one’s business”. Being a private person myself I understand. Not quite understand but sort of know what he means.However, we are all responsible for each other – and how we make each other feel inside.

On this dismal note do visit Phil’s blog – him whose blog has been hibernating since last October. Phil is a man who – as he says – likes to make others smile. He sure does.

And if I manage to link this properly I shall die a happy woman (for a minute – till I resurrect).


Random Thoughts

I’ve been gone so long, that it occurs to me I lost that one hour of sleep I had gained since I last posted.  Last time I participated in the Music Passion thread in Dolly’s Blog was October.  Well, here it is March and the theme for the month is DREAM.  So many songs to choose from, but impulse struck.  After checking out the other entries to make sure someone else hadn’t already posted, I was in luck!

OK, I’m a big fan of Louis Armstrong.  He just has a way about him that leaves you with a smile.  Since I like smiling, and like making other folks smile as well, I give you my humble entry for this month’s fun in Music Passion:

A Kiss to Build a Dream On.



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  1. My compliments. Your blog has come alive!

    Comment by rummuser — March 14, 2014 @ 17:19 | Reply

    • Thanks. As backhanded compliments go this one is very good, Ramana. So good I added another smile to my daily account.


      Comment by bitchontheblog — March 15, 2014 @ 05:56 | Reply

      • :-I)

        Comment by rummuser — March 15, 2014 @ 12:34 | Reply

        • :-I) That’s funny.

          There isn’l an icon for anger, which is a legitimate feeling. 😀 🙂 😉 :/

          Comment by bikehikebabe66 — March 15, 2014 @ 15:24 | Reply

  2. Call this post Copycat. A good one to copy. Hi Phil.
    I get busy before I go to bed & my mind jumps around like that stick figure above.

    Comment by bikehikebabe66 — March 14, 2014 @ 21:46 | Reply

    • Hello BHB! Good to see some familiar faces after such a long absence on my part. Hope all is well in your world.

      Comment by Phil — March 15, 2014 @ 01:15 | Reply

    • You’d make a punchy headline writer, Cynthia.

      Copycat indeed.


      Comment by bitchontheblog — March 15, 2014 @ 05:52 | Reply

  3. I have to admit I was first flattered when I noticed you had reblogged my silly little post after such a long absence. So I of course clicked on the link to get here, and reading the first few sentences, especially the notion that people are stupid and grew bewildered, wondering what exactly was the connection with my post and stupid people. Luckily, I stuck with your train of thought and breathed a sigh of relief a little further down the page… I think… right???

    Come on Ursula, you know you smiled, if only a wee bit…

    Comment by Phil — March 15, 2014 @ 01:14 | Reply

    • Of course I smiled, Phil. To make others smile too was the whole point of attaching your post to my grumpy one..

      Detail doesn’t matter but I came across some print which irritated the hell out of me. Loads and loads of what can only be described as hateful comments, indeed character assassination of someone highly articulate and eloquent by people who have no vision.

      What annoyed me most that (stupid) people cannot keep the person and the message apart. You may not like the person but that does NOT devalue the message. And if you don’t like the message then don’t argue your point by making personal attacks instead of reasoning your point in some sort of civilized manner. It was abominable. And I am not talking about just one or two comments. Dozens. Hundreds. He is thick skinned and I dare say will laugh it off for what it is.

      Anyway, so there I was quietly simmering when I thought to myself: “Now, to right the world again let’s turn to someone who’d never be unkind, someone who likes to make people smile. A man who can. ‘Our’ very own Phil.”

      Bingo. Your Armstrong couldn’t have come more timely. Just shows you how my mind works – linking two unlikelies together (in musical terms one might call it a ‘counterpoint’). Naturally, and this also makes me smile: You stole the show(!). Some of my readers no doubt still reaching for the smelling salts that not only did I manage to give a link but animation too (and audio). On someone else’s (your) back. Says she slightly blushing. Ordinarily I would have asked you for permission first but such is my magic, and ineptness at all technical things, I surprised myself that your whole post copied itself over.

      And then I smiled – again.


      Comment by bitchontheblog — March 15, 2014 @ 05:47 | Reply

      • No permission is ever needed by you Ursula. Whatever frivolous silliness of random thought (or thoughtlessness) escapes that mind of mine, making its way to my blog is fair game for anyone to do with as they please. Unless of course that anyone make millions of dollars, for which I then would want a slice I suppose. Not banking on that happening however – my thoughts are never worth more than a momentary consideration. Glad you smiled.

        Comment by Phil — March 15, 2014 @ 14:14 | Reply

  4. And thank the universe you can’t mother everybody. You’re so full of shit. When has being responsible as a blogger phased you to a point that you’d not blow hot air, fucking with people whom you’ve never met. And comb your goddamn hair.

    Comment by hayden's lyric — March 16, 2014 @ 09:59 | Reply

    • Comb my “goddamn hair”? Well, it’s only Sunday morning. And all mirrors are veiled. Anyway, and I know this will pain you, the tousled just tumbled out of bed look really suits me.

      I am “full of shit”. Actually, this minute, my toileting been done most satisfactorily, I am not. Want the recipe?

      I am “fucking with people whom [I] never met”. What the fuck are you talking about?

      Let’s take it from the top, and YOU’ll learn not to fuck with ME:

      For someone who calls himself (not that you are a man or something) ‘Hayden’s Lyric’ your prose wanes before given a chance to wax. A bit like a failed moon.

      Credit where it’s due, Hayden: “… being responsible as a blogger phased you to a point …” opaque in its meaning. A bit like one of Steinhausen’s (the composer) offerings. You hear it, you tick it off to experience.

      Sherlock to my Watson notices that you don’t provide a link to the place (your blog) were you blow a lot. My heart going out to you. If anyone needs to be shaken the shit out of it’s you. I’d gladly oblige. But then I do go on many a mission impossible.

      Sweetheart, I believe I know who you are. Don’t dice with me. Or do. Your hatred of me, and others in your life, you feed, like a sourdough starter taking over the house, to your own detriment.

      Hugs and Kisses,


      Comment by bitchontheblog — March 16, 2014 @ 11:44 | Reply

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