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April 20, 2014

Stars in my eyes

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I don’t like newspapers’ horror scopes. Not least because they typecast you as to which month you fall between the 21st one month and the 22nd next one. Mercury may be rising. Particularly when you have a fever. Leave me alone. I don’t want to know that everything will be not so good on Monday but the end of the week I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

A friend of mine, till she wasn’t any longer, incidentally same first name, used to say: “Better rich and healthy than poor and sick.” My sentiment entirely. How she dug that piece of wisdom I never asked. She once put me into a most delicate position. And that was before I had read that week’s horror scope. Not all does come out in the wash.

Having said that I believe in the first house. Dear dog in heaven. Aren’t I just so my first house. Only better. You’ll only know your first house if you know the exact minute you were born. My mother swears that all her children were born at whatever hour plus  exactly thirty minutes. What? On the dot? They don’t do midwifery like that any longer. Even when the cat had her three kittens the Angel (age eight or so) recorded each arrival to the second. I am sure he’ll make a good father one day.  I fled the room. One of a few things I am not good at – and it’s entirely selfish – is seeing others in agony. Not least a cat. Or myself. Coward. It’s why I like anaethetics: One moment you are terrified you’ll never wake up again, the next you are awake. The wonder of it.

You can tell, can’t you: This is one hell of a wash out of an Easter Sunday. Grey, fine drizzle.

So, as of this morning

If you are a Libra: “You are good at smoothing out life’s wrinkles.” Which I can confirm. One cannot have enough Libras in one’s life. Measured, balanced.

Scorpios may rest assured that they have “fared worse”. As comforts go it’s uncomfortable.

I wouldn’t wish to be a Gemini this week.

Sagittarius being pronounced as “quick thinking and good natured”. Not sure about that. Jupiter, underhand Pluto and Uranus hot on your heel. Watch it.

I like the horror scope’s advice to Pisces: “Do nothing.”

Aries, Aquarius, Leo best stay in bed. Don’t fall out. Or get out on the wrong side of it.

Virgo deemed a soft touch.

Cancer. A most unfortunate name. Still, they do move sideways.

If I were Taurus I’d emigrate. To never return.




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