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June 3, 2014

Fleet Street

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I used to worship on the shrine of the press. No more.

There is a publication I will take to the cleaners. If it’s the last thing I do. Not overnight. This, rather than my normal spur of moment missives, needs to be well thought through. Oh, yes. They have another thing coming.

So much for my veiled threat. Other than that I feel like a three year old whose chocolate Easter bunny has just melted in the sun. Close to crying. By the time I’ll get to 99 I’ll hope to be my age: Blind, deaf, oblivious to humans’ follies. Untouched.




  1. Doesn’t sound like you are in a particularly good place. Commiserations.
    It doesn’t do to worship at anyone’s shrine. i have an aversion to shrines.

    PS: why not cry, it might make you feel better.

    Comment by friko — June 3, 2014 @ 18:27 | Reply

    • Thank you, Friko. This Ursula will nurse a lump in her throat; and shed the odd tear when unobserved. People don’t take kindly to me close to water. That comes from when your grandmother called you “Sonnenschein” (Sonny) and no one remembers my actual name. Which is sweet.

      Shrines? I was brought up to not worship at any. In fact there were no shrines. Which doesn’t stop me to put someone on a pedestal. Rarely does anyone – whose status I have elevated- – fall off. And when they do I’ll be the first to help them up there again.

      My post is about a massive disenchantment about an industry which was everything to me. Everything.


      Comment by bitchontheblog — June 5, 2014 @ 14:07 | Reply

  2. Go after them. I am rooting for you. Keep us informed of the progress you make. We need people like you over here to take on some of ours too.

    Comment by rummuser — June 4, 2014 @ 00:56 | Reply

    • Thank you for your endorsement, Ramana. I do my bit. If my voice gets hoarse in the process so be it.

      I am no saint, neither do I ‘know’ all the answers. But I do have a brain. Unencumbered by any ‘line’ – be that line political, religious or anything. If there is one thing I pride myself on – and others have confirmed: I do cut through the crap. If at (emotional) cost at times


      Comment by bitchontheblog — June 5, 2014 @ 14:13 | Reply

  3. For every useful and informative item in the media, there’s another that’s pointless, inaccurate, abusive or hysterical. I wish I could get the former without having to wade through the latter, but no such luck. Sorry they’ve somehow got under your skin. What did they say that was so outrageous?

    Comment by nick — June 4, 2014 @ 15:11 | Reply

    • One of your characteristics, Nick, which strikes me again and again, that you always see everything from YOUR point of view, as in “”pointless, inaccurate, abusive or hysterical”. When people, regardless of medium, voice their opinion I never see it as any. Misguided, yes. Stupid, yes. Interesting, sometimes. Shedding a different light. Often. You do not wish “to wade through …”. We do have to wade through a lot. Shit or no shit. Our own or that of others. That’s a fact. And I do not mind.

      Not all dung makes manure but it’s a start.

      Thank you for your empathy. What “got under my skin?” It got into my skull. A far more dangerous place to be. I’ll keep you posted.


      Comment by bitchontheblog — June 5, 2014 @ 14:19 | Reply

  4. It is hard to take the media serious when it comes to news since they report the news for profit. That means they have a targeted audience and that further indicates that they aren’t objective. That means you need to sift through a multitude of viewpoints to get enough of the facts to make any kind of decision about what the fuss was about in the first place. makes one want to stick one’s head in the sand.

    Comment by shackman — June 6, 2014 @ 20:24 | Reply

    • Thanks for making me laugh. I have always had a quiet admiration for the way an ostrich deals with life. Head in sand. Bottom up. Let the sand storm begin.

      My disenchantment with the press – and its wider implications – goes deep. One of the biggest disappointments of my life.


      Comment by bitchontheblog — June 7, 2014 @ 03:06 | Reply

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