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December 22, 2014

Slippery slope

Filed under: Errors,Questions — bitchontheblog @ 12:28

Sweethearts, I am not saying I am one but this minute I most certainly do feel like an IDIOT.

Any ideas? Please spare me the glib. I need serious input. Unless it’s too late. In which case slime will do.




  1. we all are idiots at times, we all feel like idiots at other times, very few of us are actually idiots. anyway, you and i are so much alike sometimes that calling you an idiot would be ……idiotic?

    Comment by kylie — December 22, 2014 @ 12:38 | Reply

    • Thanks, Kylie. If I weren’t knuckle deep in my usual far too ambitious plans for the next few days’ feast I’d be rereading Dostoyewsky’s “Idiot”. It makes comfort reading.


      Comment by bitchontheblog — December 23, 2014 @ 23:37 | Reply

  2. If you feel like an idiot, feel it. Get that over with. You know you are anything but an idiot.

    Comment by bikehikebabe66 — December 22, 2014 @ 16:11 | Reply

    • Thank you for your common sense and vote of confidence, BHB.


      Comment by bitchontheblog — December 23, 2014 @ 23:31 | Reply

  3. You feel like an idiot? Well, will I do?

    We all do, think or say daft, even idiotic, things but that doesn’t mean we are idiots…just human…. Now being human is sometimes a bad condirtion to be in.

    As for the slippery slope…. find an old doormat sit on it and slide down it… always assuming there is a soft landing at the bottom.

    Comment by magpie11 — December 22, 2014 @ 18:16 | Reply

    • Ever practical, good (old) wise Magpie. Unfortunately, even if “there is a soft landing at the bottom” you may still find yourself bruised after a bumpy ride. As to doormats: You are right, once they are old they are more pliable.

      Sending you a lighter shade of blue greetings,

      Comment by bitchontheblog — December 23, 2014 @ 23:30 | Reply

  4. When I was younger, I would tell myself, “So you’ve made a fool of yourself again. By now it’s happened so many times once more won’t make a difference.” Now I simply say, “We’re all a bunch of idiots. Why should you be any different?”

    Comment by Cheerful Monk — December 22, 2014 @ 23:55 | Reply

    • As you know I don’t agree with your theory that we are all a bunch of idiots. Though it might be better – for whom I am not sure. However, your phrasing hit it on the head: Making “a fool” of oneself. And when I do, I am sorry having to admit to it, I am in knots. Double knots. The only fools I suffer gladly – and I mean it – are other fools. Myself? Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.


      Comment by bitchontheblog — December 23, 2014 @ 23:45 | Reply

      • Her theory is “We’re all a bunch of nuts.” I agree. Most are doing stupid things, not in their best interest. I look at myself. I know a lot of what I do is irrational but I don’t stop. Habit I guess.

        Comment by bikehikebabe66 — December 24, 2014 @ 18:04 | Reply

    • Considering how tiny and short-lived we are compared to the size of the universe, we’re crazy to take ourselves so seriously.

      Comment by Cheerful Monk — December 24, 2014 @ 22:15 | Reply

      • I’ll try.
        ——I think I can do this. It’s no fun being serious.

        Comment by bikehikebabe66 — December 25, 2014 @ 02:57 | Reply

  5. Feeling like an idiot and being one are two totally different things. You are certainly not an idiot. and feeling like one passes. I bet it’s gone by now…


    Comment by wisewebwoman — December 23, 2014 @ 03:30 | Reply

    • You are right, WWW, “feeling … and being … are two totally different things”. Idiot was probably the wrong choice of word. Suspecting, though can’t be sure, that I have made a FOOL of myself nearer the mark. At my age one might reasonably expect that I am sophisticated enough to understand the ways of the world. Fact is: I don’t. I do believe myself astute yet can be so naive it’s embarrassing.


      Comment by bitchontheblog — December 23, 2014 @ 23:32 | Reply

  6. Another of your cryptic comments! Why do you feel like an idiot? Did someone make you feel like one? As the others are saying, we all feel like idiots sometimes but it doesn’t mean we ARE idiots. But feeling like an idiot is good because you learn something about yourself. You’ve mishandled or misjudged something and you can work out how to do it better next time.

    Comment by nick — December 24, 2014 @ 23:29 | Reply

    • “Cryptic”? My dear Nick, one doesn’t always need to expand on the whole story in order to make an abstract point. What does the “why” matter? All that counts – in this case – that something occurred which makes me feel foolish.This impacts on no one other than myself.

      As to doing “better next time”: A vastly overrated notion. Most events in life are one-offs. Not a bloody dress rehearsal.


      Comment by bitchontheblog — December 27, 2014 @ 09:44 | Reply

  7. Welcome to the club.

    Comment by rummuser — December 26, 2014 @ 11:48 | Reply

  8. You’re smart enough to know that if you feel like one it’s probably true in the short term. We’ve all been there – it comes with being human. The trick is not to repeat the act and you are certainly smart enough to know that too. My experience with you indicates this is a rare occurence so take the leson and move on.

    Comment by shackman — December 27, 2014 @ 15:12 | Reply

    • Thanks for the (hidden) compliment, Chuck. Unfortunately sometimes it’s not so much a specific “act” or action that we can learn from for the future as trying to interpret or second guess what is behind someone else’s actions/feelings/motives – and in this particular case their silence. I am pretty intuitive when it comes to reading people but occasionally I am lost in the woods. Which then, and it annoys me about myself, leaves me unsure how to behave. By nature I’d ask the other person outright what their problem/worry is, how best I can help which may be to just shut up and leave them to it. But not everyone (though dare say YOU would) will give you a straightforward answer. So you keep traipsing around in the dark. We all deflect at times but I try and avoid doing so when it affects the questioner’s own well being. It’s always better to know where we are. Even if it turns out to be a shithole. To put it another way: I don’t like games some people appear to enjoy playing. Say it how it is because leaving someone uncertain is rather inconsiderate, sometimes downright cruel. You’ll probably know what I mean.


      Comment by bitchontheblog — December 28, 2014 @ 12:26 | Reply

      • Whenever i try to ‘second guess’ a person’s motives, to understand them, I’m usually wrong. Too many variables to consider.

        Comment by bikehikebabe66 — December 28, 2014 @ 15:42 | Reply

      • Yep – I get it and agree but gamesmanship is at the top of the list in today’s selfish world. My attitude in those cases – fuggum.

        Comment by shackman — December 29, 2014 @ 16:23 | Reply

  9. Words of advice — never grow old. Or if you plan to, get used to making a fool of yourself ahead of time. Think of the opportunity here. 🙂

    Dying is a matter of slapstick and pratfalls. The aging process is not gradual or gentle. It rushes up, pushes you over and runs off laughing. No one should grow old who isn’t ready to appear ridiculous.”
    ― John Mortimer, The Summer of a Dormouse

    Comment by Cheerful Monk — January 8, 2015 @ 21:23 | Reply

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