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August 20, 2015

Hot Air

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To those of you who answered my last post: Thank you for rushing to comfort me in your own ways. I am touched. And hope to respond to your comments one by one. It’ll take time. This is not a subject to be taken lightly.

Alas my dilemma has resolved itself. Whilst, in theory, I was “perfect” for the job in question since I am judged a “people magnet”, the offer was withdrawn. Shrewd move by one of the HR (Human Resources) guys. I am NOT a poker player for nothing. My face/body language does give unambiguous signs at pleasure/displeasure, doubts, the whole gamut of emotions not easily tempered by rationale.

I have read your answers carefully and ponder on them. The consensus among you appears that “needs must”. True. But at what cost? Picking up on Looney’s point: Where do you draw the line between your conscience and survival?

Fact is you have to draw the line somewhere. By way of stark and exaggerated example: If I were put in position of pulling the lever to gas a chamber full of people they’d have to whip me to death and I still wouldn’t pull that lever. The only time I know I’d pull a trigger to kill someone on purpose is – admittedly – my son’s life being at stake. Might even use a knife. Though that is worst case scenario.

Ethics are difficult. And yes, I do understand those of you who mention “the pyramid of needs”. But at what cost? There are times you need to put yourself last.

Anyway, reading backward, I think I have missed my true vocation. Namely that of a martyr. Joke.




  1. If you are a martyr I am an assassin.

    Comment by rummuser — August 20, 2015 @ 12:22 | Reply

  2. what the heck DO you do to earn a living???? or have been doing all along?
    don’t you know you should be publishing YOUR OWN books!!! for pete’s sake! they would sell dorothy.
    they would.
    i know saying that right now is like locking the barn door after the horse is out. or… well. whatever that saying is. i never get those just right.
    i once told bob to get off his high hog.
    they won’t kill you. and if it’s anything like our own IRS here… they let you pay out what you owe them even if It takes the rest of your life.
    how very kind of them.
    still hoping for the best. actually you sound in a little bit better place regarding it all today. and hey… i don’t expect any reply to my comment from last post. i went on WAYYY too long. good lord. too much information. just felt so bad for you.

    Comment by tammy j — August 20, 2015 @ 20:17 | Reply

    • tammy,
      I loved that heartfelt comment of yours in U’s last post. Please don’t apologize! You not only showed deep caring, you shared details of how things can look almost hopeless and still turn out all right. What could be more relevant and helpful?

      Comment by cheerfulmonk — August 21, 2015 @ 19:08 | Reply

  3. I agree with tammy that you have a flair for writing and should use it. As we all know, many an author had to take menial jobs to keep a roof over their head and food on the table while they were pursuing their dream. You have such talent cooking and doing housework, is there no demand for that in England?

    Comment by cheerfulmonk — August 21, 2015 @ 19:12 | Reply

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