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September 14, 2015


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In response to comments to my last blog post.

You, Looney, have missed the point. He “should go the the motherland”. HE IS IN THE MOTHERLAND. And has been for some weeks. Why do you think I’d be worried about him if he weren’t right in the thick of it, history in the making?

As it happened he made it from Salzburg to Munich just four hours before border controls were installed once more.

Yes, Magpie, he is enjoying his journey immensely. A serious case of reality exceeding expectation. Not least in terms of vista and history. Berlin, Leipzig, Dresden, Prague, Wien, Budapest, Zagreb, Ljubljana, Salzburg, Muenchen. And a couple more … bergs before he meets his cousins for a week or so before returning home.

And your comment, Ramana. Yes, we’ll have to see how it pans out. However, all the Merkel and Germany bashing in this country (UK) serves no purpose. May Germany let them (the English) win the next world cup (reference football) and pacify this absolutely …. country for five minutes. You want to be a “foreigner”? Never being let to forget it? Try Britain. Anyway, as of last week I am Polish. Yes, really. They can fuck it as far as I am concerned. Not, of course, that an individual British isn’t “nice”.

Regurgitated part of one of the Angel’s emails on Nick’s blog post re refugees a few days ago. What did the Angel say when he arrived in Budapest, main station? “Shock to the system”. No bad thing. Wakes up people to what really goes on in this world.

And now this, his today’s email in response to one of mine. Again eyewitness. Raw. From a young man’s view

“It is ridiculous the attitude people are taking to the refugees in general and, as you say, Germany’s involvement. I’ve seen the whole thing first hand. In Hungary they were all scattered over the streets, looking desperate and helpless. Reduced to pieces of crap. The mad thing is they are made to look like scavengers yet they will have all paid thousands and thousands to reach here. But in contrast when I changed trains in Munich yesterday I saw groups of refugees being led out in groups with police, all looking dignified, hopeful and relieved to be in Germany. Don’t even get me started on the camps they have in Hungary where they are throwing food parcels over a fence at them like dogs. … I take criticism …. as ignorance and stupidity. If people have no ability for empathy (imagine if I had to flee to the other side of the world) then they’ll have no ability to understand the situation.”




  1. What I read was the food parcels were the attempt of Hungarian citizens disagreeing with their government to try to help.

    I’m glad your son made it across the border in time.

    As your son points out, the refugees were the wealthy ones who could afford to pay smugglers. The argument against what Germany has tried is there are millions more who need help and opening its doors just encouraged the wealthier ones to risk their lives. Some people who did survive were happy to be safe, but they were also telling people back home that the trip was too hard and dangerous, don’t try it. Questioning a strategy doesn’t necessarily mean a lack of compassion.

    I’m afraid I agree with Sir Cadogan: “Be of stout heart, the worst is yet to come!”

    Comment by cheerfulmonk — September 14, 2015 @ 19:41 | Reply

    • Yes, big sigh, Jean, “the worst is yet to come”. Darkest hour before dawn and all that.

      You pick up on refugees being “the wealthy ones”. But that’s a fallacy. It’s like saying that because someone drives a Rolls Royce they must be rich. Maybe the Rolls Royce driver has sunk all his money into the dream of driving a Rolls Royce and is now destitute.

      But, yes, you are right. It is truly shameful how many are stranded in the hinterland. Without any means. I myself have always put trust in the saying that “need is the mother of invention”. But, of course, and that is where tragedy lies, sometimes the need overcomes you before you have had time to become inventive.


      Comment by bitchontheblog — September 15, 2015 @ 13:26 | Reply

  2. Bravo Deutschland, Scheiss auf dich, UK.

    Comment by Friko — September 14, 2015 @ 21:14 | Reply

    • No need for foul language, in any language.

      Comment by magpie11 — September 15, 2015 @ 12:07 | Reply

      • Friko, being a measured and discerning woman, a woman I admire, a woman with an amazing command of language to express herself, may use – on my blog – any language she sees fit.


        Comment by bitchontheblog — September 15, 2015 @ 12:19 | Reply

        • I don’t use language lightly. When I use foul language, you can be sure I mean it. Hypocrites! There, another unpleasant word.

          Comment by Friko — September 20, 2015 @ 11:00 | Reply

  3. Dear U,

    Yes, I have been doing too much studying of textbooks on syntax and now my verbs are all messed up. They tell me that time isn’t relevant to verbs, but rather “aspect”, which is to say whether the verb represents completed or ongoing action. Then they mumble something about Sanskrit and German, which I don’t pretend to have understood.

    Anyway, since my president deliberately started the civil war in Syria (and is continuing it) and undoubtedly We knew what would be the consequences, I propose that the US take all the refugees and house them in the White House. We can use the Capital and the Supreme Court for overflow housing. The aspect of those verbs should be considered continuous, since I expect we will make another attempt at inciting a civil war in Egypt so that we can have an even bigger refugee crisis with even more compelling demands for altruistic action.

    Comment by Looney — September 14, 2015 @ 22:23 | Reply

    • We all know everything is the U.S.’s fault, but a lot of people say it’s Obama’s fault because he tried to stay out of it and didn’t do enough.

      Comment by cheerfulmonk — September 15, 2015 @ 01:22 | Reply

      • Cheerfulmonk, I am certainly not among those who blame the US for everything. I believe it was Bush who overthrew the government in Iraq with the idea of imposing a western style democracy? You don’t have to search outside of the US mainstream news to find information on US aid to rebel groups in Syria, and there was that US fighter that went down in Libya during their civil war. The US owns the Arab Spring.

        Comment by Looney — September 15, 2015 @ 02:15 | Reply

        • I certainly won’t argue that Bush didn’t destabilize the Middle East. I do think Obama was trying to get out of there, but I’m not saying the fellow is competent.

          Comment by cheerfulmonk — September 15, 2015 @ 03:27 | Reply

          • How very amusing. I leave it to you Americans to haggle over your country.

            I don’t know if either of you knit or sew (well, I suppose you make patterns of a kind, Looney) but I am lost at times at the intricacies of politics. Totally lost. Bewildered. Scratching my head. Haven’t got a clue what’s going on. Or why. By nature I am not given to conspiracy theories but it sure makes interesting reading when listening to those who do subscribe. I myself just call it intrigue.

            Fact is, when a youngster and to this day I am a history fiend. Yet, apart from figures and dates, I don’t believe anything any longer. No, that’s an exaggeration. I now know that a lot of “history” has to be taken with huge pinches of salt – depending on the narrator. By way of example, and it’s a pitiful example, but sometimes the microscopic mirrors the macro cosmos: My mother rewrites family history at the rate of knots. Double strengths rose tinted glasses. I let her. Makes her happy. And to correct her serves no purpose. But it makes you think [about the power of rewriting history].


            Comment by bitchontheblog — September 15, 2015 @ 12:45 | Reply

  4. Wow!

    Comment by rummuser — September 15, 2015 @ 01:07 | Reply

  5. “I take criticism …. as ignorance and stupidity.” Absolutely. So many people have the inexplicable urge to condemn others for behaviour they make no attempt to understand or sympathise with. As your son says “Imagine if I had to flee to the other side of the world.” Which is probably exactly what we’d do if our country was being bombed to smithereens, was ruled by a ruthless dictator and years of drought had bankrupted thousands of farmers.

    Comment by nick — September 15, 2015 @ 11:48 | Reply

    • Yes, Nick. What’s so awful – and I am as guilty as anyone – that most of us are arm chair travellers diving into the misery of others.


      Comment by bitchontheblog — September 15, 2015 @ 13:29 | Reply

  6. I’m sorry that many in my country are so negative about people from other countries. History has a lot to do with it…….as for Germany and Merkel bashing… join the club of bashed countries….. for what ever reason…..Just sorry that it’s my country men and women that do it… I rather like Merkel… We British could have learned a lot from Germany in many fields in the past. The fact that we didn’t is regretful and possibly a source of jealousy.

    Comment by magpie11 — September 15, 2015 @ 12:41 | Reply

    • That there is jealousy as you call it is so without doubt. The British are very much liked in Germany. Yet, the British envy Germany’s bred in the bone prowess. How strange, don’t you think, that Germany manufactures whilst England largely depends on their service industry (without a smile). You can export cars (let’s take the stereotype) but service? As an aside: Wish I’d gone into London’s City when my maths was still fully intact.

      No need to get defensive, Magpie. The British are insular. A nation with its draw bridges firmly in place. A nation that set out to conquer the world. The nation that built an Empire. Exploited that Empire and then came home with a lot of China’s tea and Indian spices. Eventually, of course, children of that Empire came home to roost. And, on the whole, based on my observation, it’s working ok.

      What you cannot do, David, and I feel strongly about this, is comparing Germany and England when it comes to foreigner bashing. I am not talking about ages ago. I am talking about my adult life – most of which I have spent in England. And I do not regret it. I like England. Otherwise I would have packed up when the Angel was four and his father and I split. But, and it’s a big BUT, there is no getting away from the fact that Britain is insular, that Britain doesn’t pull its weight (you do know, presumably, that the only net contributors to the EU are Germany and Austria), that Britain – like an obnoxious toddler – will always claim exception, or rather I should say that Extra Wurst.

      However, I myself – no doubt due to my considerable charm – have not unduly suffered prejudice. Yet being a German, even if your parents were still children when the war ended, comes with a large chip of guilt on your shoulder. Or maybe it’s just me. Never mind. Anyway, who cares. Bureau Crazy has now declared me Polish and – as we all know – the Polish take all the zero hour jobs the British can’t be arsed to do. At minimum wage.

      I could go on. I wish the British would understand that it’s not a contest between countries. We should all pull at the same rope. You know what annoys me more than anything? When the British talk about “Europe”, as in Mainland Europe, as if Europe had nothing to do with them. Pardon? What continent does England belong to? EUROPE – by any chance?


      Comment by bitchontheblog — September 15, 2015 @ 13:16 | Reply

      • I personally don’t believe that Britain is in Europe either. It’s that little cluster of islands floating about at the north-east corner . The British themselves (actually, more the English; the Scots, Welsh and Irish don’t consider themselves as British first, but rather use their own nation titles) see themselves as England being separate from the rest of the world. Watching German news I get the impression, that they also don’t see Britain as part of Europe. A permanent dissatisfaction and that famous Extra Wurst demand don’t really endear them to Europeans.

        And still, I have to admit that as a long-term resident of the country I quite like it here. It’s the individual who matters not the broad mass. No broad mass has ever been attractive as such.

        Comment by Friko — September 20, 2015 @ 11:13 | Reply

  7. I assume Angel can leave when he wants to…& great he is seeing the Motherland, even in these trying times. For me it all seems a long way from New Zealand, although I believe our gov’t are going to take in about 1/2 more refugees than we normally have an annual quote for… whether that is the case, I probably won’t ever know…

    Comment by cedar51 — September 20, 2015 @ 03:32 | Reply

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