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July 30, 2016

Lights off

“Just because you are paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you”.

I am not paranoid – and whoever recently tried to razor me down can go and stuff themselves in their chamber of horrors. However, and remember, both Orwell and Huxley are my shining lights in the way older brothers are, I can’t help feeling uneasy at times. It’s one of the reasons I prefer paying by cash. That way no one can trace the purchase of a sachet of cinnamon back to ME. Though, naturally, the person, any person, buying anything, will have been caught on CCTV. Yes, CCTV … What actual purpose does CCTV serve other than making you feel watched, uneasily, in the most innocent of pursuits?

In the line of duty I recently had the pleasure of talking to many a security guy working in retail. Being the affable me that I am I have been told things no one should know. And few will.

Upshot being – these days there is little hiding; not even under cover of the night. Think about that next time you do something you wouldn’t do in public. It really is the pits. Cat burglars take note. You will set off the alarm. As indeed I did last Sunday morning. All I wanted was some fresh air – walking round our nearby park at eight in the morning. Then – in misguided notion of doing my civic duty – I got caught up in a bit of a nightmare. Deafening alarm relentlessly doing what alarms do. Not that anyone showed up. Not at all. I could have cleared out the place and made a profit. Instead of which … Let’s hope that those of you who believe in Karma (as does the Angel) are right.

Those of you who are astute enough to point out some of the contradictions in what I wrote: I am well aware of them. Which makes the whole thing even more ironic. And not in a good way.



  1. We are not quite as watched here in the USA as you folk in the UK but it is still enough to be troubling. We are however more listened to than anyone else in the world methinks. All for the so-called greater good Ahem.

    Comment by shackman — July 30, 2016 @ 16:18 | Reply

    • You “are … listened to”? You ARE? Really? Oh, Shackman, maybe deliberately, maybe accidentally, with that one remark you have hit more nails on the head than one wishes to count.


      Comment by bitchontheblog — July 30, 2016 @ 17:57 | Reply

  2. I often smile or even wave at CCTV cameras…. well, the watchers do need some entertaiment and acknowledgement…. don’t they?

    Comment by magpie11 — July 30, 2016 @ 17:36 | Reply

    • Don’t wave, Magpie. They think you are taking the piss whilst slipping a tin of sardines down your jacket sleeve.


      Comment by bitchontheblog — July 30, 2016 @ 17:53 | Reply

      • Not in store. Those along the street or on stations or even on ATM machines…. stay well

        Comment by magpie11 — July 30, 2016 @ 18:02 | Reply

  3. indeed the world is busy making data records of all kinds of things… as long as it doesn’t personally encroach on me directly. Apparently, there are ways to stop certain things happening, but I just think – well they will get my bio/details some other way.

    Comment by cedar51 — July 31, 2016 @ 02:47 | Reply

    • Catherine, what I don’t like is the anonymity. If I let, say, a friend into my life, my inner workings, I know that what I have told that person is out of my own volition.

      To put it another way: I don’t like not knowing what others know about me and, more importantly, what they are doing with that knowledge, what use they are putting it to. As I know to my cost, it can have surprising consequences.


      Comment by bitchontheblog — August 1, 2016 @ 14:59 | Reply

  4. My favorite paranoia quotes is, “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t chasing you with knives.” (Resisting the urge to insert a smiley face.)

    Comment by cheerfulmonk — July 31, 2016 @ 17:44 | Reply

    • 🙂 – lying on my side trying to hold onto my right eyeball before it pops.


      Comment by bitchontheblog — August 1, 2016 @ 14:50 | Reply

  5. What comes to mind is that incredibly creepy song “every move you make”. Which we are all living. Even as we keyboard our in an it is.

    Comment by wisewebwoman — July 31, 2016 @ 21:16 | Reply

    • You are right, WWW. When I first listened to the song I never made the connection. Wish I had. Creepy indeed. Obviously as an as yet unscathed youngster all you hear is the heartache. But, actually, and sends shivers down my spine, you can either name it, benignly, “control freakery” or, in today’s lingo, bordering on stalking. Yes, good old being possessive – how to try and destroy a life.


      Comment by bitchontheblog — August 1, 2016 @ 14:39 | Reply

  6. Given that Hollywood is just over a few hills to the south of me, I am compelled to think of all those poor souls waiting to pose and act in front of a camera, but never having a chance.

    Comment by Looney — August 1, 2016 @ 02:35 | Reply

    • “Hollywood… just a few hills to the south of” you? Well, you and the Angel, last October, were practically neighbours.

      Talking about acting, and I have no idea, how this happened, earlier today I gazed at a portrait shot of Lex Barker as Tarzan (I think he was about thirty at the time). Uncanny resemblance to one of my uncles (one of my mother’s brothers). There is such an innocence in a young man’s face. I see it on old family photos, my own brother, and, of course, the Angel. Where is this leading? To me being moved to tears. That’s where.


      Comment by bitchontheblog — August 1, 2016 @ 14:48 | Reply

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