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September 12, 2016


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Like Hilary Clinton I too needed to put my feet up. In the olden days, like a hundred or two years ago, someone would hand you smelling salts. Now? Never mind. Just wilt.

So there I was, yesterday afternoon, on my sofa, not tired yet wired and somewhat queasy. So, in absence of anything else to think about I tried to remember what day of the week nine eleven was. My guess was Wednesday. Wednesday is good. In the mother lingo it’s “Mittwoch”. Literally “mid of the week”.  Let’s not delve into Sunday. I am not up to it this minute.

Anyway, upshot being nine eleven was a Tuesday. Tuesday – for some reason – is a non day to me. “Dienstag” – the day you do your duty. Serve.  I like Thursday. Donnerstag (Thunder). Monday is, obviously, the day of hope. Goethe had something to say on that. And I was born on a Monday (EVENING). Fair of face. Could have been Sunday. But I did take my time. Apologies to my mother. She bore it well. Never held it against me.

Friday. “Freitag”. Being free is obviously what all of us aspire to, and few achieve. That’s the reason we look forward to the weekend. An illusion. Even the land of poets, thinkers and tinkers couldn’t think of a good name for the gateway to “Sonntag” (Sunday). The gateway being either Samstag or Sonnabend. “Abend” being eve. Pretty fluffy if you ask me.

Whatever your respective remnants of the day are: ENJOY.

What day of the week were you born? And why are some people’s birthdays always at the weekend?

Other than that, and back to Hilary. Pneumonia? Shite. She’s got to hold out. No matter what. This is ridiculous. If the worst comes to the worst she could always pass her torch back to Bill.




  1. I was born on a Friday, my sons a Sunday and Thursday, my daughters, a Friday.

    The rest of my day will consist of dishes and TV. Unremarkable really

    Comment by Kylie — September 12, 2016 @ 09:20 | Reply

  2. I was born on a Saturday.

    Thoughts on the Clintons:

    Hill can’t pass the torch to Bill even if she’s elected. He’s limited to two terms by Amendment XXII of the United States Constitution. The only way he’s getting back in the the White House would be as “first spouse.”

    The airport in Little Rock is officially the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport. Of course, being Arkansas, after it was renamed, jokes were flying about the “hillbilly airport.”

    The only time I’ve ever actually seen either of them was when I was Christmas shopping back in the 80s in a mall in Little Rock. Apparently, Governor Bill was too. We were walking in opposite directions and, about the time I recognized him, he greeted me with a “Hello, sir.” or something like that.

    Comment by Mike Goad — September 12, 2016 @ 13:31 | Reply

    • I am not easily tongue tied but would possibly take a second or two to gather my senses if I met Bill Clinton when Christmas shopping any old year. How sweet that he gave you the time of day.

      Thing about the Clintons, both of them, that they do have charisma. Charisma with a big C. Leaving politics aside, Mike, and do forgive me for being seemingly shallow, if Trump emerges as President of the USA I won’t be able to stomach any news. Not that I “watch” news on TV. Too long winded. I just read – on and off line. Even a photo of Trump’s mouth is enough to turn my stomach. And that’s before I tune in on my earphones.

      When Reagan was elected – oh, didn’t the motherland and others in mainland Europe laugh at America (never mind Schwarzenegger Governor of California), an “actor” running the country. However, Reagan did. With grace, with Nancy at his side (if ever there was a fright but he did love her and she him which is good enough for me), and with considerable charm.

      It is crazy when you think about it: For virtually every job in the world you do have to have some credentials, qualifications, experience before you think of applying. President of the United States? Walk into my parlour.


      Comment by bitchontheblog — September 12, 2016 @ 14:08 | Reply

  3. I don’t remeber on what day I was born and no-one can tell me at what time either.

    As for Hillary Clinton and such… I have been predicting for some time that Trump will be elected… I only hope that it is not by default. None of this means that I support him and I hope I’m wrong but I have too much experience of the base human fears and hatreds that he plays upon.

    Comment by magpie11 — September 12, 2016 @ 13:57 | Reply

    • My dear dear Magpie, obviously you don’t “remember” what day you were born. That’d be a miracle. Though you should be able to work it out with a calendar, back dating. There is nothing google isn’t capable off, short of making the salad I crave this minute.

      You don’t know the “time” – that’s a bit of shame as HORROR scopes telling you what’s what (not least who you are) rely on the exact time. My mother swears that all her four children were born half past the hour. Since she is the family’s diary (what will we do without her) I believe her – hard as it is. Who knows what my horror scope reading would be if I’d been born twenty eight minutes past the hour?

      Other than that I hope your instinct is wrong. But you and I have been there before and who has egg on her face now?


      Comment by bitchontheblog — September 12, 2016 @ 14:16 | Reply

  4. Good grief! I never found it necessary to find out what day of the week it was on my date of birth!

    Comment by rummuser — September 12, 2016 @ 15:23 | Reply

  5. Tuesday. Full of grace? I don’t see it. 🙂

    Trump may very well win now. Yuck! He’s been saying Hillary doesn’t have the mental and physical stamina needed.

    Comment by cheerfulmonk — September 12, 2016 @ 15:45 | Reply

    • What did I say? Monday, fair of face, Tuesday full of grace – so does an old English rhyme go and on.

      Whatever Trump spouts, even if – for once – it were true, he can keep it. Just shut the eff up (not you, Jean. Trump).


      Comment by bitchontheblog — September 12, 2016 @ 15:55 | Reply

      • Sorry, Jean, I was a little obtuse on the uptake when I first replied. It’s only just clicked that you “are” a Tuesday. I wouldn’t say you aren’t full of grace. You are. Like most graceful people in a quiet way.


        Comment by bitchontheblog — September 14, 2016 @ 12:38 | Reply

    • The Democratic nominee coughs; the free world catches a cold says The Economist.

      Comment by cheerfulmonk — September 12, 2016 @ 18:59 | Reply

      • Just read the article. Couldn’t break into it before without subscribing to The Economist. Never one to give up I tried again just now and they let me – for free.

        Thanks for that, Jean. it is pretty much what the paper over here say – depending on their own leanings.

        It’s a shame that the age/health card is being played – and against Hillary. Totally unfair. If you think back, and past Obama, how many statesmen (by which I don’t mean just American presidents but all round the world) are of the generation on the way out? Into their seventies/eighties. They have the experience, the wisdom.

        Anyway, Trump is a fine one to talk. Seventy to Clinton’s 68.

        We all can have dizzy spells. One year ago to the month, and I am nowhere near 68 or so I keep telling myself, I succumbed (just like a couple of days ago) to I don’t know what. Peculiar. Didn’t render me helpless just attached to any seat nearby. Yet, in between, 363 days out of 365 I am fine. As is Clinton. What annoys me even more that we all know that anyone – regardless of age – can drop dead any time. Look at LSF’s (longest standing friend) brother. One moment, age fifty, he was laughing, the next he was dead. No warning. Just like that. Can happen to all of us. Doesn’t disqualify us from office.

        I am not looking forward to Trump’s own bill of health should it ever be produced. It’ll be doctored.


        Comment by bitchontheblog — September 14, 2016 @ 12:47 | Reply

  6. born on a Monday in September of 1949 – a Libra. Frankly I am surprised to still be here, being substantially circumferentially challenged as it were. I suppose never having smoked plays into that. my grandmother was my primary caretaker for the first 9 years as my mother worked and she and I lived with my my grandmother (a widow). Interestingly enough Grandma was a huge believer in horoscopes and such. Luckily I have forgotten everything she tried to teach me in that regard.

    Comment by shackman — September 16, 2016 @ 15:22 | Reply

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