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December 8, 2016


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Not to put too fine a point on it: My father is barely older than me. On an even finer point, and my mother won’t mind me putting on the internet what is common knowledge, I was conceived – two virgins having falling in love and first time. You can’t beat it. No wonder, I am so healthy. I was born before either of them had a chance or a choice to wreck their bodies. Not that either ever did.

So it is with some dismay I have learned just now that Mick Jagger has fathered yet another child at the age of 73. I am sorry, guys. It’s disgusting. Not the fact that he shags a 29 year old. Do whatever you like. With a goat if all else fails. But FATHERING a child at any age over, say – for sake of argument – fifty? Nah. If you have to prove your manhood go fell a tree. Do time travel. Become a Viking. Invade England.

To put it another way: Just because you CAN doesn’t mean you should.

Marvel at nature. There is a reason women’s fertility shutting down before their eggs’ use by date. Jagger will go on forever. I can’t wait till he is a few years older. Kick a football with yet another son at age 100? And I am letting Rod Stewart off lightly – not because I like him but because he is short. As is Jagger – come to think of it.



  1. Well, he has one advantage of most of us over 50. … Money… and he’s not diabetic…..

    How are you on such topics as IVF or Gay parenthood?……..

    Comment by magpie11 — December 8, 2016 @ 19:21 | Reply

    • IVF? Difficult question. I am pretty hardline in that I maintain that we can’t always have what we want. And am old enough to have observed aunts and uncles who couldn’t. They lived, No doubt with their sorrow. To put it bluntly: Despite my biological urges kicking in big time I do NOT think that if the Angel hadn’t meant to be I would have resorted to artificial means. Which is not saying I judge/condemn those who do.

      Gay parenthood? Rent a womb? Sure. Not least if you are Elton John. From a woman’s point of view – or rather this woman’s – I can’t imagine carrying a child full term and giving it away. However, by whatever means, I am sure gay couples make as good parents as a father/grandfather/godfather/uncle does in absence of a Mama. I reserve any views on having two “mothers”. I don’t know any lesbians and shudder to think what it must be like to be their son. I may be way out of order here, probably am; but my instinct rarely lets me down. Leaving all that aside: A child needs to be loved and cherished to blossom. And any combo, even a single, if so inclined, able to provide just that then all is well.


      Comment by bitchontheblog — December 8, 2016 @ 20:38 | Reply

      • I look at IVF from a purely population point of view and go along with “You can’t always Get/have what you want”….. The sicence and knowledge are fascinating to me but that is all.

        We have a couple of Gay guys up the road who have adopted two little girls… that to me is so right that I join in with making a bit of a fuss of them… the girls I mean…… I had a gay colleague who freelyadmitted to marrying a bloke in order to have children and then “disposed” of the father… the word disposed was hers.

        As a teacher I Have seen all sorts including a lesbian couple who had a daughter who was mercilessly bullied by… the daughter of a colleague…. single mums, single dads… all sorts… the only really negative situations were those where the parent or parents were addicted and the one where a foster father was abusing boys in the care of the family… I met one of the boys the other week…. he was going to visit his foster father…..

        Comment by magpie11 — January 25, 2017 @ 15:38 | Reply

  2. My not-so-nice cousin who has never had a child and would be about 47 finds some hope in this story. My reply to that would be that there is a very good reason he has never had the opportunity

    Comment by Kylie — December 9, 2016 @ 02:45 | Reply

    • As they say, my dear Kylie: Not everyone can deliver. And some (unborn) children are lucky to be spared.

      Other than that, who’d have thought that you have a mildly “cruel” streak to your kind persona? 🙂


      Comment by bitchontheblog — December 9, 2016 @ 10:17 | Reply

      • well, sometimes blunt and cruel are the same thing even though not intended that way 🙂

        Comment by Kylie — December 9, 2016 @ 12:53 | Reply

  3. Somehow the term “fathering”, doesn’t quite fit. Maybe “procreating”?

    Comment by Looney — December 9, 2016 @ 04:22 | Reply

    • Yes, Looney. On the other hand, and to be fair to the female in this set up, she is, of course, peak age tp want a child. So, let’s spin this like a good doctor and say that Jagger planted his seed to do her a favour, not to prove his manliness.

      I find huge differences in age between partners strange. FOS was three years older (apparently the ideal between male and female). Anything more too close for comfort considering having such a young father. Yet, how very odd that both my sisters (second time round) married much older men – twelve and seventeen years difference respectively. Come to think of it, and doing the math, if my youngest sister had married someone like Jagger 44 years older than the bride at age 29 the groom would have been fifteen years older than our father. Is that weird or is that weird? It’s weird.


      Comment by bitchontheblog — December 9, 2016 @ 10:12 | Reply

  4. Why so censorious? What harm is it doing anyone? If he and his girlfriend want to have a child, why shouldn’t they? What’s it got to do with you and me? Carry on breeding, Mick, if that’s what floats your boat.

    Comment by nick — December 10, 2016 @ 18:01 | Reply

    • Sorry, Nick, your response lacks so much thought (for the child) I can’t bring myself to answer it in the detail it deserves.


      Comment by bitchontheblog — December 10, 2016 @ 19:00 | Reply

      • Lots of children are brought up by grandparents. And Mick Jagger has such a strict fitness regime, he’s probably healthier than the average twenty something. So I don’t see any big problem for the child.

        Comment by nick — December 12, 2016 @ 07:38 | Reply

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