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January 15, 2017


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Never being backward at being forward I have identified at least three phrases I have started overusing in my blog posts. If I were my own editor I’d have word with me.

In no particular order:

“in the olden times”

“once upon a time”

“apropos of nothing”

creep up with increasing frequency.

Mitigating circumstances are, say, age. Obviously now there are more “olden times” than any time ahead of me. “Once upon a time” is solely to be put at the doorstep of being brought up on a heavy diet of fairy tales and folklore, a habit I have kept up to this day. “Apropos of nothing”? Well, it is usually apropos of nothing. Just something that pops into my  mind, apropos of nothing.

So, not so much apropos of nothing, what do you find when digging in your memory box of once upon a time in the olden days?




  1. This being the internet, “à propos of nothing” is assumed, so stating it simply makes it redundant, albeit with a certain Frankensteinian use of language in this variant. How about “à propos de rien”? Everything is more sophisticated in French.

    Comment by Looney — January 15, 2017 @ 14:23 | Reply

    • No. It isn’t [more sophisticated in French]. On grounds of your assertion and for your pains, may you sit through an opera sung in French. I shall rescue you half way through (during the interval as not to cause a stir) and then, I dare you, over a glass of Chablis, to tell me again that “everything is more sophisticated in French”.

      “Redundant”? Now you sound like my father. Which isn’t a bad thing per se. Rings in my ears to this day, him being a journalist writing tight copy: “Redundant”, shredding my every written word. Even if an essay of mine was marked an A Star by my teachers. According to him teachers knew nothing. It’s one way to approach your child’s education – plant the seed of doubt.


      Comment by bitchontheblog — January 15, 2017 @ 15:21 | Reply

      • PS (afterthought – yes, I know what a PS is; an afterthought): “The seed of doubt” my father planted was not doubt in myself. I don’t doubt myself. Or, in my mother’s words, mildly exasperated, “Where do you take your chutzpah from, Ursula?”. What my father (well, both of my parents) planted was a healthy dose of scepticism. To never accept authority just because authority is asserted. But to question, to question, to question. Naturally, oh my dear sweet poor father, did fall – at times – on his own sword. We do, mostly enjoyable, battle to this day.


        Comment by bitchontheblog — January 15, 2017 @ 15:42 | Reply

    • U,
      Do you ever question your own assumptions/view of the world? That to me is one of the healthiest forms of skepticism. but as usual, DPLDT.

      Comment by Cheerfulmonk — January 15, 2017 @ 22:23 | Reply

  2. A lot of muck.

    Comment by rummuser — January 15, 2017 @ 14:41 | Reply

    • “A lot of muck”? My dear Ramana, judging by your reminiscences, you keep digging gold.


      Comment by bitchontheblog — January 15, 2017 @ 15:23 | Reply

  3. In those days before the internet (when all we had was….etc etc).

    Comment by nick — January 15, 2017 @ 21:45 | Reply

  4. “it depends”

    Comment by cedar51 — January 15, 2017 @ 22:34 | Reply

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