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March 13, 2018

The Alternative Comment Box, 8 – Warm Up

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You know what I like in a person, John? Be they, in no particular order, man, woman, child, dog, cat, even a worm?

Being consistent, true to their word. Obviously, the odd lapse allowing. Worms in the scheme of things being most reliable in their consistent worming.

You? You most certainly aren’t a worm by my definition. You have said (to me) on many occasions, repeatedly, again and again, something along the lines of  “no personal attacks” allowed on your blog. What a marvellous intent. Laudable. Let’s leave aside that a lot of mine you delete aren’t “personal attacks”. Not even attacks. Reason, rhyme. But, hey, let not stand anything you don’t like in the way of calling it a “personal attack”.

How come that you let EVERY single personal attack (by others and you) on ME, some of them vicious and unfounded, stand? Every single one, John. It’s quite fantastic. You fancy yourself as just, fair, and many other do goodery qualities. To break news, John, you most certainly are NOT fair or JUST. You are … never mind. I am angry this minute. Very. And therefore better watch what I am saying. Lest I might feel need to apologize later. Apologize? That isn’t in YOUR vocabulary, not in Ms Miserable Joy’s, not the Sculptor’s; Nick of no spine we may as well forget.

To top it all you now give random space to bloggers with no blog, trying to put me through the wringer. Remember, John, this post is about YOU saying NO PERSONAL ATTACKS. As good as your word, are you, John?

I am incensed at you, John. Why don’t you consult with the Sculptor, the one with a patent on humoUr, on the meaning of the BIG BRITISH sense of FAIR PLAY.  He may be rude, occasionally crude, he may be a one trick pony with his never ending lament that I don’t have a sense of humour, but – on the whole – I do think that his years of chiselling many a rock hasn’t eroded his intelligence entirely. If the Sculptor fails to give you a leg up, why not let Cro, who occasionally thinks me stupid but at least has the good grace of remaining the gentleman that he is, gently guide you in the direction of what constitutes FAIR PLAY.

Yes, fair play. How “fairly” you played Joy aka Rachel and me against each other. Her being totally oblivious as to my genuine intention toward her wellbeing when I emailed you, you lapping up all the cream and praise she heaped upon you at a moment of crisis. More on which I will address in a separate post to her.

You have a choice, John, considering that YOU keep asking  me to stop my Alternative Comment Box. If you need to know what that choice is … do ask. After all, as your commentators of no blog, springing out of nowhere like daffodils and rabbits in spring, keep saying: I enjoy nothing more than administering my sanctimonious lectures.



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