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April 16, 2018

Soft boiled

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I have done the maths.

How best not to waste time considering how little there is.

“How best to not waste time”? As in “what’s left”? Who am I kidding? It’s my life’s purpose to waste time. Not yours. Mine.






February 27, 2018

The Alternative Comment Box – Adjournment 1

The reckoning will resume shortly.

Alas, Ms Misery, Demented Sculptor and Man of No Name have provided so much material (evidence) to sort through, and quote from, I find myself spoilt for choice as to how best to paint them in the colours that will do their respective shadow sides the justice they so clamour and richly deserve.


September 10, 2015


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As time slowly creeps up to the day I fear I am grateful I am still alive to see it [the day that is – unless I die within the next 36 hours].

Honestly, you can’t make up this shit unless you try really hard.

I have never been dragged kicking and screaming to anything – but now I know how it feels.

Having lived most my life I am close to extinction. Though do take great comfort from some crap research that people who are bright [bright? like what? sunshine?} will outlive me.

Sweethearts, most of you older, how do you do it without despairing? And where is the rewind button?


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