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July 2, 2017


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I may have mentioned this before. If so please attribute it to occupying my brain in an increasingly unnerving manner.

It’s vexing. Any advice gladly received. What do you do when people get older? Do you actually argue a point, set them straight as to the facts or just leave be? Obviously the latter the easy option. But also … I don’t know … condescending? Yet, what’s the point to put a point when someone (by virtue of age) is more or less on the way out? What purpose does concrete information serve? I think the answer is: None. Yet when does the point in someone’s life come when it appears kinder to just nod?

I don’t like to use Americanisms yet a useful one here: I feel “conflicted”. If ever there was a shorthand for being between a rock and a hard place it’s downright “conflicted”.

To reiterate: Is it worth it to point out errors or, less challenging, just put a different point of view when that person can’t make future use of being informed as their time is almost upon them?

I don’t know. It’s painful.



March 4, 2011

Fast forward

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THOUGH SHALT NOT GOOGLE YOURSELF or the wrath of a telephone directory will be upon you.

There are three entries in “192” as to my name: All the people, apart from one, I am supposed to have shared the same roof with are unknown to me. Just saying …

However, my move to Southampton has aged me considerably: According to the electoral roll they use to garner their misleading info I fall into the 65+ age group. Which doesn’t matter, except that I can not allow my father’s reputation to be smeared: He did NOT father a child at age 8 (he is now 73).  And my poor mother was 22 when I was born. What would that make her? Thus reputations are trashed.


February 2, 2010

Down the drain

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May I quote my bosom pal’s last contribution to leveraged intelligence: “One of the beauties of ripening like a fine wine – also known as ageing – is the growing appreciation of gentle intelligence.”

Conrad, please do pass me the sick bag.

Ageing does not make a FINE wine per se.  A lot of wines best drunk young. As any grape grower will tell you, indeed I will tell you: Many an aged bottle is CORKED. But then it takes more than one taste bud to discern the difference between platitude and vacuity. And what on earth is “gentle” intelligence? The tree hugging equivalent of a sharp mind?


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