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September 28, 2012

Some like it hot

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One of the more often remarked upon merits of my blogging posts (and emails) that the recipients have no idea what I am talking about.  A bit like shooting in the dark. I am intrigued: I always know what I am talking about (at the moment I am talking about it).

Being in scientific mode I decided to put this to the test. So having written many an email to a friend who appreciates me more than others (hence he is forgiving even if baffled at times) I also wrote blog posts – all in various states of undress. And let all them all sit there.  For a day or two. No send, no publish button. Just let them sit. And then I reread them. Guess what: To my utter amusement I too find that winding road of my thought processes not always easy to follow. There is the odd ravine. Try not to miss the bend.

In fact, come to think of it, why do have countries where – to this day – people think nothing of driving slightly impaired under the influence have ravines, bends, curves, cliffs – all designed to keep undertakers in business? And not just Italy. Try Spain. It’s a miracle I am still alive. No, I wasn’t the driver. Actually, the answer is simple: Precisely because they learnt early on that you’ll never know what’s round the corner they know how to negotiate it. Maybe a slightly wonky theory but still: It’s a theory. I love theories. Theories don’t demand anything. And few will wish to be put into practice. Practice is of no interest to theories.

Other than that – in theory – this minute I’d love to dance the Tango. I am terrible at Tango so don’t rush to sweep me off my feet unless you are a good leader.



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