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June 10, 2017


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This is what the Angel wrote on Thursday, the eve of the election, on the social media he uses. I feel compelled to publish this here for many reasons – most of which I’ll probably best keep to myself. Please do me, or rather the Angel  the courtesy to read this properly. Yes, you too, Cro. Don’t just skim it. This is written from the heart, from reason, on the spur of the moment, unadulterated. With hope in my heart, here goes the Angel (he is twenty five):

“It’s time to vote with hope, hope for a more equal and compassionate society – not a society which marches mindlessly to the drum of austerity and uses it as an excuse for endless cuts and heartlessness affecting the most vulnerable.

I want to vote for a country which isn’t the 2nd biggest arms dealer in the world funding terrorism and war through Saudi Arabia whilst claiming to promote peace. One which confronts the corporate elite and clamps down on corporate tax evasion, protects the NHS and doesn’t push people into poverty and 1 million people to foodbanks.

The tories would have you believe that this is the best we as a country are capable of and that all of the injustice and inequality is inevitable and can’t be helped. They’ll have you believe we should go forward without hoping for better, but without hope there is nothing. I believe regardless of what happens tomorrow the momentum and awareness Corbyn has gathered will only continue to grow stronger.





August 24, 2013


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Technical problem (and it’s not even Sunday afternoon): How does one edit the boring (as in people) out of one’s life?

I am not particularly precious about my time. Talk to me I’ll listen. It’s not your fault that I squander myself all over the place. I can make up for day time by working through the night. Cost/benefit analysis never enters my equation. Who needs sleep? However, as the years, not least days, press on maybe I should be a little bit more brutal. Particularly with myself. Still, I suppose, pregnant pause filled with a big sigh: Doesn’t matter really, does it? The older I get the more I adopt: “WHATEVER. Bring it on.”


March 12, 2011

Close up and personal

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By way of comfort Bike Hike Babe reminds me that people in Japan are worse off this minute. There will always people worse off than our to be pitied selves.

So what?

It’s relative. Isn’t it? I do not belittle anyone’s predicament. It may be small, it may be life destroying. However, just because I have, say, a broken arm or face court it does not make me feel better when told that in certain countries of the world they chop your hand off when found guilty of stealing a loaf of bread. Or that there are places in this world where they amputate the WHOLE arm because they can’t do better.

Had this discussion with son this afternoon. He errs on BHB’s side. It’s complete nonsense. We can never be closer to anyone than ourself. Not withstanding compassion of which I have plenty. But let’s face facts. When my mother told me, let’s say I was ten or something, to empty my plate and think of the children in Biafra I had no comprehension as to her logic (there ws no logic). If a Biafran child with extended belly from starvation had been sitting next to me I’d have gladly given him/her my plate full of food. Myself going hungry or not. But there was no Biafran in vicinity. Was there? Total hypocracy.

BHB, and you and son will not be the only ones to prescribe to your notions, why not tell those Japanese flushed out of their homes to keep things in perspective since there will be – somwhere in this world – people worse off than them?

Wish people would apply reasoning more often.


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