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August 15, 2018

No Echo

This minute I am upset. What better shoulder to throw myself on than that of the collective blogging community?

Before you read on please do remember: I have the patience of a saint. I do bear with call center  staff, making allowances for the shit jobs they do, realizing that they are only mouthpieces of company policies.

But there are limits. And my limit was (nearly) exhausted.

Call center staff have their scripts. I appreciate that. Neither are they nor I robots. How many times do you actually have to plead with them to not read you the same shite again and again. Reminding them of what we covered yesterday and today, and then some. Suggesting a way forward. No, no. Not at all. Let’s go back over the past. I nearly lost it. Which is not my style. In the end I asked to end the conversation as it was going nowhere, resume same conversation later today when I’ll have regained my composure and, maybe, they will have taken time to think (outside their box).

There is something so dehumanizing, impersonal, about the world we now live in it has power to condense me into despair.



June 29, 2012


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Have potential, but am not a fully grown hypochondriac as yet.

The secret is to live in denial. To live in denial the first rule is never to see your doctor. And don’t google symptoms. The moment you google you are as good as dead. As has been proven many a time by the apple of my eye. Who, by a miracle, is still alive, and in the best of health.

Currently I am in the grip of cancer of the tongue. Yes, I know it’s only slight trauma caused by one of my back teeth. Still, one needs to ¬†explore all eventualities. Can any of you imagine me without my tongue? No, neither can I. Telephone conversations or any other will never be the same. Nothing will be the same. Ever.


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