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August 1, 2017

Through your nose

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And now to another even less tangible matter.

I believe most of my readers, possibly all, to be more worldly wise than my innocent self. So please do answer me a question which has been pressing, on and off, for a while: How come you are made to pay for services you don’t use?

Let that question sink in before its magnitude hits your wallet.

For example, simple yet baffling: My broadband service and land line provider charges me for NOT using its TV services. The only reason I am still with them that they allow me, for a minimal fee, to phone round the world for “nothing”. As the blower is rarely further away than my reach, and friends and family largely abroad, it’s probably saved me thousands over the years. Still doesn’t answer why I have to pay for not watching TV. Before the curtain twitcher in my life tells you which company I am talking about: It’s … , as in “heaven”.

Then there is energy. My first brush with energy was low blood sugar. Not mine. Adults’. They’d pop a giant sugary something. Better than smelling salts for revival of spirit and enterprise. You bought it in an apothecary. Iris will fill you in. Let me save her the trouble: Traubenzucker.

Energy. The British are marvellous that way: You’ll get a good “deal” if you are a dual fuel (that’s gas and electricity) customer. If per chance. like my good self, you are condemned to use electricity only – ┬ábecause that’s how your abode is wired – you may whistle. And pay top whack. No deals to be had. The good news being, as of this morning, that the increase will only be 12.5 % (for dual energy customers). Of course, and it is the type of false psychology/economy I tend to employ at all times, you may shrug off what amounts to “only” a few pounds. However, and anyone who goes shopping knows this: Just because each item you purchase is chicken feed in pennies doesn’t mean you won’t be presented (to use John speak) with a steaming pile of …. at the till.

Why are we made to pay more for NOT using something?

Thanking you in advance for an education,








February 13, 2014

Room with a view

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Had another thought. Not all thoughts are viable. They are more like rabbits. Hatching at the rate of knots. With wind in the sails.

I live in what I call Restaurant Street. Adjoining. I don’t give them business. For reasons unimportant in context. My computer screen is on my right. At an angle. Yes, I know it’s ergonomically not so good. But I like it. Not least because, every time I look away, I have that view – what with my desk running the whole length of the window.

You can’t buy taste. About twelve months ago a unit and its window was snatched by an estate agent (not a restaurant). What I find fascinating, and one of these days. when I have nothing better to do, I will take it up with them (not just because they annoy by being in my line of vision every night) their lights are going full blast. Neon. In your face. I am pretty green (as in ‘save the planet’, ‘recycling’, ‘waste not want not’). One wonders, I do, who they think will look into their shop window at three in the morning to find a new flat/house.

I dislike the unnecessary. Disenchants me when business disregards the basics that a private householder is supposed to observe. I do observe. And am pissed off. To the hilt.


July 29, 2013


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There are many things which may be written on my gravestone. Not all of them good.

Here is one I’d be glad of: “She never gave up.” Let’s just forget for a moment that even my negotiating powers will not broker the final deal, ending in dust to dust and ashes to ashes.

I am in awe of myself on this one count: I never give up. I cannot tell you the number of times I have cursed myself for this particular trait. A dog with a bone has nothing on me. It is so quintessentially me it basically has my name tattooed on it. Exhausting. Yet exhilarating when yielding the desired result.

So upshot being: I found it. And am back to square one.


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