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September 4, 2014


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Let me throw myself at your collective shoulder. I have declared war on a British paper.

It is a paper – of repute – which appears to specialize in feminism. So far, so boring. Today I left two comments in reply to an inane (not that I used that word) article written by an ardent feminist. You know the sort: The sort you’d pity any son they might have. Remember, I am a woman. So, I, woman, gets moderated at the rate of knots by answering (see above) another woman for critically questioning her take on men. There was not a swearword in sight, just reason. The “moderator” threw me out. Twice.

I am only telling you this because I am frustrated. I am an (investigative) ¬†journalist’s daughter. I come from a hugely argumentative household. Exchange of ¬†opinions, outlook on life, welcomed. And then you get some of the great names of what once was Fleet Street to shut you up? Forget it. From now on I shall follow the Angel’s somewhat tiresome but probably good advice: “Why are you doing this to yourself, Mama? Just leave it.” Yes, indeed. Why engage when one could just keep shtum? Swallow shit, die of colon cancer later.

So very disappointed with mankind. No, forget MANkind. So disappointed with ‘feminists’. Next they’ll burn books (written by men). For fuck’s sake …



Belated PS, this is what I wrote:

“I am a woman. Sorry, [name of columnist], but sometimes one needs to make clear what gender one is. Not least in your column when every slightly questioning response is assumed to be that of a man.

I have clicked many a recommend on previous, and critical, comments – possibly made by men. Who knows. With women commentators jumping down the throats of sa(i)d guys. Let’s just say I am glad that, currently, I am not a man. Which is not the same as saying that I am not ashamed about some aspects of my gender. Can you, so called feminists, just for once shut up and listen. No one is after your hide. Shit happens. Sure. But stop generalizing, stop measuring all men with the same yard stick. It’s so tiresome, so embarrassing (to me as a woman). Just get on with your day job, your life, stop being so resentful whilst expecting YOUR man (poor sausage) to read your mind and know when to put the rubbish out and
generally making himself useful. Be an example to your daughters AND sons by stopping whining. Just DO as you want to be done by.

Don’t widen the gender divide. Close the gap. And don’t lay all the work to do so at men’s thresholds.”

On being ‘deleted’ I sent the following. Naturally deleted too.

“Do not be a woman (as I am) and write a somewhat critical comment in reply to [name of commentator] take on feminism. You will be modified. Nay, moderated. Nay, deleted. So much for “feminism”: Fit the hole or you’ll sink without trace.”


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