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September 9, 2017


One of the more painful lessons, to me, as life marches on: Learning to bite my tongue.

I don’t think I have ever been needlessly tactless (well, two occasions come to mind – I blush to this day at how thoughtless I was); however I am outspoken. No more. I shall bite my tongue till it’s bled dry. Let my wasteland be your desert.

The beauty of thought that in the privacy of your skull you may think what you like. No one knows. Brilliant. Except that, as the social beings we are, we’d like to give a thought a voice. Yes, sad day, when you start weighing expenditure of energy against gain. Just nod. And say, “Yes, yes, of course”. Yes, yes, yes, yes … Or stay silent. Do not cast a shadow of even the slightest doubt over someone’s assertion. People don’t like it. I could tell you why they don’t like it. However, do remember, see above, I am learning to bite my tongue.

Of course, and that is why my self imposed curse of biting my tongue will last no more than this post, it’s no way to live. The most basic law of physics dictates that that there needs to be friction (think thunder and lightning) for there to be a spark.



August 26, 2016


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I am incensed – for many reasons – about France’s burkini ban.

So we, in the sacred “WEST”, so concerned about women’s “rights”, come out and tell a woman what (not) to wear in public? Are people actually ticking alright? Four guys (police – law inforcers) standing around a woman on some beach making her take off clothes? In public? If this isn’t outrageous I don’t know what is.

It is violation. It’s indecent. It’s invasion of privacy.

Anyway, let me lighten up and reverse this. In the name of beauty, aesthetics and general psycho hygiene I’d like men AND women – particularly of the less than life enhancing bulk – to cover up. Don’t insult my senses. See how ridiculous this is? You can make up shit on any compost heap. Don’t let it stink out the place.


October 30, 2013

Speakers’ corner

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Sweethearts, am close to retreating into my shell. Press freedom?  Sure.

Freedom to speak? Give me a break.

Left minor, and I mean minor, criticism (could have phrased it far more sharply) addressing a columnist in one of our major broadsheets (recent addition to their stable). They call it moderation. Insert me snorting. Moderation? Gagging more like it.

Am hugely annoyed. Not because my witty words of wisdom were erased by people – most likely – less educated.. But because I hold the press in huge esteem. Yet, what do you know. Freedom? Yes, press freedom. One law for you, another for the reader turned commentator. Normally I let things rest. This one? They’ll have another thing coming. And that’s a promise.


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