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May 4, 2017

All is well

This morning I woke with a sense of foreboREdom. Don’t believe a word of it.

Package it as you like. I woke with a sense of doom. I didn’t so much have a head rush (when you get up from your seat too quickly), I was positively faint with my heart racing me to death’s door. Nothing unusual in that: Healthy specimen that I am, my body has always played out my psyche to its soma. I am sure there is a reason we have a solar plexus. If only to keep us nauseous.

Anyway, as usual, my optimism was surpassed by reality three hours later. And to think I nearly cancelled the appointment because I didn’t trust my balance to make it.

Never mind. It’s not the end of the world. And I’ll live – just in case you were hoping I’d leave you alone any time soon. I won’t. I won’t see you for dust. Or, maybe, I’ll see you, myself and the rest of the world more clearly. Which would be good, a great relief and a great saver of wasted energy.

Made me think, on my way back, how hope makes you postpone the evil moment. Because, as long as you don’t hold eye contact with reality, there is always that chimera “Hope”. I know people who have wasted their whole lives waiting┬áin hope which, essentially – and please do contradict me if you think otherwise – constitutes the con of all cons.

Onwards and upwards,



July 14, 2013


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Struggling with this piece of advice I have just been given: Be like Teflon.

I don’t want to be like Teflon. I am not Teflon. Not one pot or pan in my kitchen is Teflon. I don’t trust Teflon. Why? Because when you scratch the surface (of Teflon), and you will, it’s poison. That’s a fact.

My pans are stainless steel and I can scratch as much as I like and still live another day to scratch some more.


PS Come to think of it, and don’t know whether any of you have ever been to a Chinese street market or floated side by side a Hong Kong Harbour sampan: Teflon can’t stand heat. Think about it. And whatever you do: Do not replace Teflon with aluminium. Yes, I know it’s now common knowledge that aluminium does not give you Alzheimer’s despite the rumours. Still.

PPS I never thought Ronald Reagan and I had anything in common: We are both non-stick. Do google. Or just ask me.

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