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April 17, 2017

Trigger happy

Bloody Hell. Never buck a trend.

I commented on some thread (national newspaper). Two sentences on MY personal experience re a woman’s issue. Clearly didn’t chime with other commentators, most clearly didn’t fit in with the paper’s agenda. Bingo. Deleted.

This is crazy making stuff. Two sentences, nothing offensive.

Well, not to put too fine a point on it: I am done.

Is this the world we are coming to? Take an eraser to you just because of … what exactly? Because you put an opposing view on a subject?

Never mind. My username has been taken for that of a man many times. Which (and here is one for Nick, the defender of damsels in distress) means I cause offence to other WOmen. The irony is so delicious as to make me smirk with amusement.



July 21, 2013


Are you a Persil woman? Yes, you too, Shackman. I am.

I know there are arguments against it but that’s what I am. A Persil Woman. Non-biological. Despite the ‘non’ non-biological easier on your skin.

Possibly to do with my country of origin – though my mother who doesn’t speak a word of English begs to differ. Give me a brand and I am yours. Vorsprung durch Technik. Though I do prefer to drive a Citroen (for emotional reasons) make mine a BMW. Will admit that almost all electrical gear throughout the years is Miele (not Bosch – fine difference), Braun (try and pronounce it correctly) and there is Sony. SONY is posh. I love Sony. My TV (not that I watch any) is a Sony. And recently acquired a new comp screen. A beauty if ever there was one. Yes, a Sony. The Angel who has a screen to rival your local cinema’s conceded that, yes, the colour quality is ace. Just as well since I am going blind. Don’t worry. Not that blind. I can still identify anyone by the way they walk. Ping back to Renee and smells.

Lest Italians among you feel neglected:  Zanussi is fine. I swear by Zanussi. They do white ware which does not rust (unlike Citroens): Fridges, washing machines. Throw in a Lamborghini. Even better:  Shoes. And my landlord – who could pass as a Spaniard on a permanent siesta – is Italian.

When it comes to shoes: Spanish sizing/width is best. Maybe to do with dancing the Flamenco. I have been in love with many shoes in my life but there is one pair (bought in Malaga) I might declare love of my life. OH MY GOD. Those shoes were killers. Pity that shoes wear out. A great sorrow of mine but I do not keep the worn or broken of whatever in my life. But one day, just one day, maybe next time I am in Andalucia, I will find their likeness.

If any of my American readers have no idea what I am talking about it only means one thing: Come and visit the mother continent. You will be dwarfed.

Point of this post? Whatever. Maybe perception of nationalities a good starting point.


July 25, 2012

Each parting has its secret

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On the whole people get it wrong. Which is why it’s wonderful when someone gets it right.

The art of giving presents was brought to my attention (by another blogger)  just now.

When his sense of humour was still intact – shortly after we separated – FOS presented me with a parting gift from heaven: A composting bin complete with worms. It’s all I ever wanted: A wormery. No joke. I was deliriously happy. Not so happy that I would have married him again but very very happy. I mean it. I was. Unfortunately, you need to choose your friends wisely. At that time my life was everyone’s soap opera so ‘friends’ thought he was taking the piss. Not so. He was most thoughtful. Tell your friends they’ve got it wrong: Why not shove a rock uphill instead?

Yes, so that was good. Other than worms give me flowers.


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